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It is summer!

Only limited services are available during the summer semester. Take a look at the next section to see what is available to help you right now. You may also contact us a for more information.

Resources For Students

Sometimes you need help at 2:00am, or only have a quick question, or a video is the best explanation. At these times it helps to know some of the resources available on-demand.



The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is the go-to resource for college writing information. It is what our tutors use, and it should be one of your bookmarked pages.


Our tutors recommend Symbolab Math Solver which solves math problems step-by-step. One note though, this isn't to be used to do your homework, but to learn how to do your homework.

Mathway is another site to help you work through math problems. It has a variety of online calculators for any class.

Did you know the Learning Lab has TI-84 graphing calculators for check-out? Contact us at and check one out for the whole semester.


The Dynamic Periodic Table is great for learning and exploring the elements. Sort, select, and search the various elements for a world of information.

 General Resources

We here at the Learning Lab cannot recommend the Khan Academy highly enough. What started as one man tutoring his cousin using YouTube videos has become one of the best academic resources for students and teachers. While it is primarily geared towards math and high school students, there is a ton of information in a variety of subjects:

It is free to sign up and each subject is divided into easily consumable short lessons, videos, and practices.

CrashCourse is a YouTube channel, that was initially recommended as a great history resource, which it is, but also includes informative videos on literature, biology, ecology, chemistry, and more.



Tutoring is available at the Learning Lab in the Reta King Library. Tutoring is available for most Math, Biology, Chemistry, Writing, and Speech classes. Appointments are recommended and can be made below!

Music Tutoring Available

Contact the music tutor, Austin Pfeiffer, directly at to schedule an appointment.


On Track Mentors are available in the Learning Lab to help you succeed at college. Need some help with getting organized, finding motivation, or just someone to chat with? The mentors are here for you.

Study Hall

Some athletic teams and other organizations require students to participate in study hall hours at the Learning Lab.  Please sign in at the Learning Lab front desk, then depending on your coach or other leader's requirements, you may study quietly in the library, work with a tutor, or work in a study group.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction is extra study and review time for a specific class which is lead and guided by a peer tutor. 


Work at the Learning Lab

Are you interested in becoming a peer tutor, mentor, or supplemental instruction leader?  Please email, Tom Tylee, Director - Office of Academic Success, for an application packet:  You may also pick-up an application in person at the Learning Lab.

Tom Tylee, Director
Office of Academic Success
P: (308) 432-6381

Caitlin Feddersen
Tutoring Coordinator
P: (308) 432-6382
Janet Hartman
Office Assistant III
P: (308) 432-6292