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2017 HLC Accreditation Reaffirmation Process

This document is a summary of our process for each academic year from 2013/2014 through 2016/2017 for our 10-year Comprehensive Accreditation Reaffirmation. It includes  the results of these efforts and recommendations from lessons learned (START EARLY!). Most of the documents listed in the sections below are listed in the Appendix of this document.

CSC 2013-2017 HLC Reaffirmation Timeline Summary of Process


Organization for Reaffirmation Process

The following are key documents used for communicating to our campus community about our accreditation reaffirmation process for our 2017 report, and for managing the project.

A.   Timeline Chart (final revision)

B.   Organization Involvement Chart

C.   Summary Sheets for Initial Campus Communication: Assurance Argument Criteria, Assumed Practices, SARA, Federal Compliance

D. Master Academic Plan (MAP)

E.  List of Committees Regarding  HLC Accreditation Reaffirmation and Their Purpose (Results of the 2017 HLC Visit)

F.  Detailed Project Timeline Spreadsheet for Final Year

G.    Cross-reference Spreadsheet for Assurance Argument, Assumed Practices, SARA, Quality Initiative, and Federal Compliance Alignment

Assurance Argument

The following documents share 1) information we learned from questions we asked during the process, and from choices we made in preparing our Assurance Argument; 2) our Assurance Argument narrative with Introduction, and 3) our Peer Review Team's report.

A.   Frequently Asked Questions

B.   Handling Documents for HLC Assurance Argument And Site Visit

C.   Examples of Evidence Documents with Cover Sheets

  1. Evidence Cover Sheet Template
  2. Criterion 1B: MAP
  3. Criterion 2D: Graves Lecture Series Program Samples
  4. Criterion 3A: CSC Syllabi Consistancy Across Modalities
  5. Criterion 4B: CSC Evidence of Student Learning Samples
  6. Criterion 5A: Academic Strategic Plan Committee

D.   Assurance Argument with Introduction (pdf)

E.  Peer Reviewers' Report


Quality Initiative

A.  CSC Quality Initiative (QI) Report

B. HLC QI Report Response


Preparing Campus for the Peer Reviewer Visit

Various informational sessions and workshops were held with our campus community and governing body during the final year of preparation.  Below are a couple of samples of materials shared. 

A.  CSC Primer for 2017 HLC Campus Visit

B.   Chadron State College Top Ten