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Placement Testing

Student Testing


Students with a HS GPA of 2.99 or lower are recommended to take the CSC English Placement Test (EPT). This is offered online, and is completed over email. To schedule this testing, please contact

The EPT is designed to ensure that students are placed in an appropriate English course.

EPT Information

  • Students will be emailed a writing prompt to respond to.
  • Your writing sample will be evaluated by the English Department Faculty who also teach the classes in which students will be placed (SLO#2 or ENG 111 Intro to College Writing).
  • The results of a student’s CSC English placement test determine whether they are placed in an Essential Studies English course (SLO #2), or a Transitional Studies English Course (ENG 111). ENG 111 has a co-requisite course, EDUC 121 The Academic Life, which will also be added to your schedule. 
  • Evaluation of English placement tests may take up to three weeks. Results will be emailed to students at their EagleMail accounts, and your schedule may be changed accordingly. 



Most incoming students (freshmen and transfers) will be required to complete a Math Placement Test (MPT). This requirement can be waived for students meeting the following criteria: 

  • ACT Math score of 20+ or 1040 on the SAT
  • Math college credit (successfully passed)
  • AP Calculus or AP Statistics with a score of 3 or higher

MPT Information:

  • The MPT will appear in the To-Do list on a student's MyCSC account.
  • Students will be placed into the appropriate level of math based on their MPT results. Updated schedule information will be emailed to students once this has been completed.