Title IX Anonymous Reporting Form

The purpose of this form is to submit an anonymous report of a potential Title IX related violation you have witnessed or for which you have knowledge or have personally experienced. Please note that anonymous reports will be reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator. Based on the information provided, a determination will be made whether or not to conduct an investigation. Anonymous reporting does limit the College's ability to thoroughly respond to reports of a Title IX related situation. Please review Board Policy 3020 for more information on the College's process to respond to reports of sexual violence and sex harassment. If there is an imminent threat to anyone's personal safety or if there is an emergency in progress, please contact Campus Security at 308-432-6037 or local emergency services at 911 or 9-911 from on campus.

When making a report, please provide a detailed description of the Title IX related violation, using language as specific, concise, and objective as possible.

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