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2020-2021 Season

Seventy Scenes of Halloween

By Jeffery M. Jones
Location: Streaming Live Only
Performances Feb 25-28
Mild Adult Themes

70 Scenes of Halloween by Jeffrey M. Jones is about the struggles of a couples, infidelity, interference, misunderstanding, love, truth, and consequences. A young, hip suburban couple sits at home on Halloween watching TV, greeting trick-or-treaters, drinking, quarreling, and so on. 70 Scenes of Halloween is an Absurdist comedy/drama, that is as hard to nail down as the full range of emotions of any person.


To Die For

By Caroline Smith
Location: Streaming Live Only
Performance April 15-18
Suitable for all ages

Best-selling historical romance writer Carla Woods lives in a Gothic mansion and enjoys playing dangerous mind games with her assistants . One dark and stormy night, a mysterious, dark, and handsome man shows up at her door. Could this simply be payback from a disgruntled employee, or could it be…love’s destiny? A twisting, turning comedy-thriller, similar in style to Deathtrap and Sleuth, but with two very intelligent and charismatic female combatants – and one devastatingly handsome man.