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Theatre Apprenticeship Application

New and Transfer Students For your benefit, please read carefully!

Each year the Theatre Program at Chadron State College awards Apprenticeships to incoming freshmen, transfer students and current students who plan to participate in Theatre. These Apprenticeships are awarded on the basis of ability in Theatre, more than on financial need.

Theatre Apprenticeships will be awarded from the following sources and traditionally cover 1/4 to 1/2 of student tuition:

  1. Tuition Waivers
  2. Memorial Scholarships
  3. Foundation Assistantships

For your convenience, see the Check List below prior to starting the online Apprenticeship Application Form.

Upon receiving a Theatre Program Apprenticeship, you will receive an award letter detailing the award and the following requirements:

  • Audition and accept (if offered) a role in all CSC Theatre Program productions
  • If not cast in a major role work 3 Hours a week (1 Afternoon 2-5 ) in either Scene Shop or Costume Shop for the Academic year
  • Be available for Backstage Crew on all CSC Theatre Productions
  • Attend Strike Calls for all CSC Theatre Productions
  • Enroll in one 3 hour Theatre Course each semester

Please note that some Memorial Scholarships may have additional requirements.

You will be able to Accept the Theatre Apprenticeship through the “To Do List” on MyCSC.

Material to be presented at the Audition/Interview Video

Recordings from one-act or school performances will not be accepted. You will be able to include a link to the audition/interview on the application Theatre Performance Audition/Interview

Individual Students: TWO contrasting monologues (one classic, one contemporary), not to exceed 5 minutes total.


One Monologue and a musical audition (vocal). 16 bars of music that reflects applicants vocal range and ability

For Scene Partners: TWO STUDENTS only in a scene not to exceed 5 minutes in length and a musical audition (vocal) 6 bars of music that reflects applicants vocal range and ability

Technical Theatre Audition/Interview

Students will present design projects or artwork that reflects their ability in the most illustrative manner possible. This could include ANY combination of the following:

  • Scenic models, drawings, sketches, photos of design work, photos of lighting designs or plots Costume sketches/photos.

The work presented can be work from productions, classroom assignments etc.

Theatre Apprenticeships

For your benefit, please check each item thoroughly.

  1. Complete the Admission Application process for Chadron State College CSC application process:
  2. Fill out “Entering Freshman Scholarship Application” as well as this application. This will appear on your “To Do List” on MyCSC. This gives you the possibility of receiving additional awards from the College.
  3. Complete the Application for Theatre Apprenticeship
    • Have ready for digital submission
      • Entering Freshmen: Letter of Recommendation
        From your Principal or Counselor or High School Theatre Instructor attesting to your character, interests and abilities in Theatre.
      • Transfer Students:
        From your Theatre instructor, attesting to your character, interests and abilities in Theatre.
    • A current photo
    • Provide a link to your audition (YouTube, Dropbox, Google, etc)

If you have questions or concerns please call the appropriate phone numbers between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. MST):


CSC Start Office (Admissions and Financial Aid):
Theatre Apprenticeships & Auditions:
1-800-242-3766, Extension 6317

When you are ready click the Theatre Apprenticeship Application for New Students link below to begin the application process.