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About Us

Our Mission

The Department of Information Technology provides and maintains computing and networking resources used by students and employees in attainment of academic success and efficient administrative functions.

Our Vision

The Department of Information Technology strives to be recognized for excellence in customer service, effective solution provisioning, and a strong, secure technology infrastructure.

Department Teams

Application Team             Client Services Team             Server Team
Joby Collins (Lead)             Kayla Junge (Lead)             Keith Crofutt (Lead)
Starr Giorgi             Sherrie Emerson             Eric Roberts 
Alva Roberts             Jereme Patterson  
Andrew Schmid             Eric Roberts  
              Eric Wellnitz  


Information Technology Staff

Name Email Phone Office
Ann Burk
Chief Information Officer
aburk@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 110
Joby Collins
Associate Chief Information Officer
jcollins@csc.edu308-432-6220Miller Hall 104
Keith Crofutt
IT Analyst
kcrofutt@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 113
Sherrie Emerson
IT Support
semerson@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 115
Starr Giorgi
IT Specialist
sgiorgi@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 104
Simon Gudeta
IT Technician
sgudeta@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 115
Kayla Junge
IT Analyst
kjunge@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 115
Jereme Patterson
IT Analyst
jpatterson@csc.edu308-432-6234Miller Hall 115
Eric Roberts
IT Specialist
eroberts@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 113
Alva Roberts
IT Specialist
aroberts@csc.edu308-432-6311Miller Hall 104