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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal Financial Aid regulations require financial aid recipients to make satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of a degree. In order to be awarded and retain financial aid, recipients must comply with all of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for the fall, spring and summer terms as outlined in the policies below.

You are notified about your SAP status at the end of each term, as long as your FAFSA application is still active for subsequent terms. For example, we must have your FAFSA for the upcoming academic year to determine your status for the Fall term.

Financial Aid Withdraw Policy

Please refer to the Financial Aid Withdraw Policy for more information.

CSC Withdraw Policy

Please refer to the Changes of Registration and Withdrawal Policy for more information.

Maximum Pell Grant Limits

Students' maximum lifetime edibility for Pell grant is 6 full time scheduled award years. Students attending part time may have more than 6 years of eligibility as far as time. However, over a lifetime, Pell grant eligibility will never exceed the total of 6 full time award years. For example: You have 1 year full time Pell but only use 1/2 the first year as you attended 1/2 in the fall and spring. You have used 1/2 of full Pell grant and therefore have 5 1/2 years of remaining eligibility.

Maximum Subsidized Loan Limits

First time Direct Loan borrowers are eligible up to 6 years of subsidized loan provided aggregate maximum of $23,000 is not met. Once students have exhausted maximum subsidized eligibility they may become eligible for unsubsidized loans.

Failing to Begin Attendance (No Show)

A "No Show" is defined as a student who has never begun attendance in a course in which they've enrolled. With respect to online classes, a "No Show" is a student who has never interacted in the course, or submitted an assignment. Accessing the course is NOT considered beginning attendance.

Students are not eligible for financial aid for courses which they do not attend. The Department of Education requires CSC to validate attendance/participation prior to disbursing any financial aid to students. Students failing to begin attendance in any of their courses will be reported by the course instructor as a No Show to CSC's Financial Aid Team. Students reported as a No Show will have a hold placed on their federal financial aid until financial aid eligibility is regained.

If you have been reported as a "no-show" and what to do:

  • Your instructor reports students who are considered "no-shows" the Monday following the first week of the term or session.
  • You will receive notification via EagleMail.
  • You can contact the instructor and arrange for the makeup of missed assignments, labs, and activities, and begin regular attendance in the course. Once these arrangements have been made, your instructor must report your attendance to CSC's Financial Aid Team, so the financial aid hold can be released.
  • You can withdraw from the course(s), and your financial aid can be adjusted accordingly. Remember, you receive no refund by withdrawing.
  • If you fail to address the no-show issue, you may receive the grade of "F" for the course(s) and will be responsible for any balance due for that term/session.