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Request for Change of Major (Undergrad)

Catalog year that you are using:
To ensure the accuracy of your request, please use the exact title(s) of the plan (Major, Option, Endorsement or Minor) and list page numbers from your catalog.

Are you changing to a new Major, Option, Endorsement or Minor? If so, please complete Step 1.

Are you only adding (Major, Option, Endorsement or Minor) to your current plan of study? If so, please complete Step 2.

Are you only deleting (Major, Option, Endorsement or Minor) from your current plan of study? If so, please complete Step 3.
Step 1
Former Major(s) (Non-Teaching)
New Major(s) (Non-Teaching)
Former Option(s)
New Option(s)
Former Endorsement(s) (Teaching)
New Endorsement(s) (Teaching)
Coaching Endorsement (Teaching Only)
Former Minor(s)
New Minor(s)
Step 2
Added Major(s)
Added Option(s)
Added Endorsement(s) (Teaching)
Added Coaching Endorsement (Teaching Only)
Added Minor(s) (Prior to 13-14 catalog)
Added Area of Concentration (13-14 catalog)
Step 3
Deleted Major(s) (Non-Teaching)
Deleted Option(s)
Deleted Endorsement(s) (Teaching)
Deleted Coaching Endorsement (Teaching Only)


Please note: it may take up to two weeks for changes to be updated on your MYCSC account