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Psychology is often defined as the scientific study of the mind and behavior. The American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that Psychological Sciences embraces all aspects of the human experience: from the function of the brain to the action of nations, from child development to care of the aged. The focus on the scientific aspect of psychology is highlighted by the Association for Psychological Sciences.

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When most people think of Psychological Sciences, they normally think only of the clinical and counseling professions - that is, providing therapy to people in need. This represents one domain of psychology. However, psychological science has many subfields and divisions, as evidenced by the American Psychological Association Science in Action page, and the Divisions within APA. Experimental psychologists study such things as learning, memory, creativity, judgment and decision-making, sports performance, motivation, dating and mating behavior and much more. Clinical and counseling psychologists may be involved in research about what makes practice effective. Within the domain of business, human factors and industrial-organizational psychologists work on many important concerns about making our work environments more effective. That is just a sampling of the many opportunities that are part of psychology. We're currently working on building out some additional career resources for students, but a good place to start is the American Psychological Association Career Page. For most careers in clinical, counseling and academics, graduate work is required after completing your undergraduate degree. Another useful site is Marky Lloyd's Careers in Psychology Page.

As a student in the Chadron State Psychological Sciences program, you will have choices among classes in a wide variety of subfields in Psychology: experimental, abnormal, cognitive, developmental, physiological, personality, and social psychology.

Psychological Sciences students develop important skills in critical thinking, research and writing as they learn more about the field of psychological science. These skills are important in a wide range of careers, as well as important for preparation for graduate school in psychological science or related programs. Please visit this page for more information about learning outcomes and degree programs in psychological sciences.


The mission of the Psychological Sciences Program at Chadron State College is to support the college, the Department of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences and the larger community by providing learning experiences that inspire student achievement, instill ethics and values, promote service and facilitate lifelong learning. Psychology students will develop the knowledge, an understanding, appreciation, discipline and skills that will enable them to function personally and professionally as informed and socially responsible citizens. Students will be prepared to pursue graduate training, careers within the discipline or careers in affiliated areas.