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Basnet presents at national conference

Apr 9, 2015

Hem Basnet
Hem Basnet

CHADRON – Dr. Hem Basnet, associate professor of economics and finance at Chadron State College presented two research papers at the Midwest Economics Association conference (MEA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in late March.

One presentation was about research examining the impact of health and education expenditures on economic growth in low-income, lower-middle income, and upper middle-income countries. The other paper discusses whether money earned by workers in foreign countries is spent on consumption or used to develop long-term economic development.

In addition to presenting the papers he co-authored, he chaired two sessions and served as a panel member for a discussion.

Basnet, originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, serves on the editorial board of Journal of World Economic Review and regularly judges articles for publication in academic journals. He joined the CSC business faculty in 2011 teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses.

In the last three years, he has published nine research articles in several peer-reviewed publications such as the “Journal of Economics and Finance,” “Applied Economics,” “Journal of Economic Integration,” “Global Economy Journal,” and “Economic Papers.”

In early April, his article, “The transmission of U.S. and Euro area economic shocks to emerging market economies” was accepted for publication in the “Review of Applied Economics.”

“While the jury process is very time consuming and challenging, the satisfaction it provides in the end is immeasurable. Passion and dedication is the key to involve in quality research,” Basnet said.

In addition to reviewing case analyses and oral exams for MBA students, Basnet finds it challenging, but worthwhile, to use his free time for research.

“Publication definitely gives the college some visibility in the national arena, in addition to enhancing its academic credential and reputation. I do my best to educate students through meaningful research,” he said.

Basnet hopes to involve his undergraduate and graduate students in future research examining the relationship of Internet purchases to credit card balances in U.S. households.

“I emphasize to my students that research and scholarship enhance critical skills in communication, independent thinking, reasoning, creativity and problem-solving. Research also enhances students’ academic credentials and strengthens their applications for scholarships, awards, employment and beyond,” he said.

—CSC College Relations