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CSC has tie to the Winter Olympics

Feb 13, 2014

Borislav Belenov
Borislav Belenov

CSC shares a connection with the Sochi Olympics through recent MBA graduate Borislav Belenov.

He attended the Chadron campus and graduated in 2010.

During that summer he interviewed with several companies in Russia but wanted to pursue his dream of working for state or for state-related organizations.

He passed through a series of interviews with the Russian Olympic Committee's management, and in September of 2010 Belenov was offered a position in Moscow where he started working in the International Department at ROC headquarters as a protocol officer.

Many of his ROC responsibilities were centered on preliminary work to prepare for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. He coordinated projects, designed the organization’s development strategy and facilitated communication between team members.

He also developed analytical reports in Russian and English, coordinated a number of ROC delegation trips to other countries for planning assemblies and events, and organized the negotiations process between the ROC, continental associations and foreign National Olympic Committees.

During his work at ROC he was responsible for organization of General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees in Sochi in 2011 and coordinating relations with the International Olympic Committee and Russian Government regarding sport and youth issues. 

He had applied for admission to CSC prior to the opportunity to meet with CSC business faculty during the summer of 2008 when a CSC delegation visited Voronezh State University located in Belenov’s home city. He had earned his bachelor’s degree from Dickinson State University in 2008.

“I got some important information from them about the school and the way graduate studies are performed in the U.S.,” he said.

Once enrolled and living in Chadron, he worked as a graduate assistant for the Business Academy his first year. The second year of his program, he completed an internship at Chadron City Hall.

“It is important to mention some faculty members that showed me real support during my studies and help me to become more professional - Dr. August Bruehlman, Dr. Timothy Donahue, Dr. Jamie Waldo and Dr. Gary White who were my real mentors during my studies,” Belenov said.

He said, “Classes they taught made a great impact on me and helped me to become more familiar with the way business is run in the United States.”

While at CSC, Belenov coordinated all the logistics including stage design, music, lighting and filming for “Ladies Night Out,” an event sponsored by Dr. Yvonne Moody and the Family and Consumer Services department.  

Moody said Belenov’s attention to detail and inspirational vision was professional. He became the executive director of the show according to Moody.

Since 2012, he has been employed as the protocol officer at a state-owned company, Northern Caucasus Resorts.

The company is responsible for organization of a cluster of tourist resorts in Northern Caucasus and attraction of foreign investors to the cluster.

In this position he has been responsible for organizing meetings between executives of his company and Russian governmental leaders with prime ministers and ministers of trade and economy from other countries such as France, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.


—Tena L. Cook, Interim Marketing Coordinator