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Music Scholarship Coordinator: Mr. Bobby Pace - - 308-432-6247

Audition Dates for Potential Music Students

Spring 2021 audition dates will be posted soon!

To apply for a music scholarship complete the Scholarship Application Form AND contact Bobby Pace at 308-432-6247 or email at to schedule a scholarship audition.

The Music Department at Chadron State College awards talent scholarships annually to both new and returning students. These scholarships are funded through the generosity of many individuals, offices, and organizations. Eligibility requirements for specific scholarships vary, but include such factors as grade point average, class standing (i.e. sophomore), academic and musical achievements, performance instrument/voice type, and degree program. All talent scholarships require an individual performance audition.

Talent scholarships in Music are available primarily to students who choose to major in Music at CSC. In exceptional circumstances (such as demonstration of extraordinary ability or specific ensemble need), talent scholarships are also available to minors and non-majors who participate in Music ensembles. Talent awards are not automatically renewable.

Where circumstances absolutely prevent a live audition, applicants may substitute a recorded audition. If you are applying after initial deadlines are past, please send your form and recording or call to schedule an audition anyway. Be sure to contact us (see info below) if you plan to do so. Instructions outlining specific requirements for live and recorded auditions are listed below.

Audition Procedure and Requirements

Live Auditions for vocalists and instrumentalists

  1. All students should be prepared to sing/play major scales demonstrating the range of their instrument or voice. In addition, instrumentalists should be prepared to play at least two octaves of the chromatic scale.
  2. Music majors and minors will perform two contrasting compositions. All singers and instrumentalists must perform one accompanied piece (a pre-recorded accompaniment is acceptable).  Percussionists are not required to include an accompanied piece. A longer piece with contrasting sections maybe be used instead of two separate pieces - clear this with the Music Scholarship coordinator.
  3. Non-music majors will perform one prepared piece.
  4. Students attending on-site auditions must contact the Chadron State College staff accompanist at least two weeks in advance of the audition to request that he/she play for the audition.  Please see Faculty/Staff to find the current contact information for the staff accompanist.
  5. Please confirm your time and date with the Music Scholarship coordinator one week prior to the audition.

Audition Procedure for Guitar and Bass scholarship applicants

  1. Play all major & minor scales through the cycle of 4ths in first position.  Bassists will be allowed to change positions for Db, D, and Eb.  One octave is adequate for each scale.
  2. Perform one piece by a recognized composer that demonstrates proper left and right hand technique.
  3. Please confirm your time and date with the Music Scholarship Coordinator one week prior to the audition.

Recorded Auditions (Video and Audio)

  1. Identify yourself at the beginning and end of your recording.
  2. Identify each scale (please choose a few scales that demonstrate the range of your instrument)
  3. Announce the title and composer for each composition.
  4. Recorded auditions should be postmarked or sent electronically to Mr. Bobby Pace by February 14, 2020 for priority consideration - if sending electronically, please use a universal format such as mp3 or mp4. Common ways of sending large audio or video files include: Dropbox, Google Drive, upload to Youtube.
  5. Please send recorded auditions to:

    Chadron State College
    Department of Music
    1000 Main St.
    Chadron, NE 69337