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The term Liberal Arts describes an integrated set of skills and tools that allow us to view challenging tasks and issues through a variety of lenses in order to work together to find creative solutions. The value in a Liberal Arts degree is in its adaptability. The skills and tools that one acquires in a study of the Liberal Arts can be applied to any number of workplace situations. For example, good written communication skills translate extremely well to any job. It’s a bit of a cliché, but Liberal Arts students really are well-rounded.

At CSC, the School of Liberal Arts is comprised of two departments: Communication, Music, Art, and Theatre; and Justice Studies, Social Sciences, and English. The school includes two academic support units, the Office of Academic Success and the Transitional Studies Program. Liberal Arts also oversees the operation of the college’s Essential Studies Program, in which nearly every enrolled undergraduate student participates.

I, as well as the faculty and staff, would be willing to visit with you at any time about career opportunities in Liberal Arts.

Jim Margetts, Dean