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Student Right to Know

Chadron State College is required to make certain information available to students, parents, prospective students, employees, prospective employees, potential student-athletes, high school coaches, guidance counselors, and the general public. Chadron State College has developed this web site to make this information available to any and all of the aforementioned audiences.

Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Information Item Link
Accreditation, Approval, and Licensure of Institutional Programs
Anti-harassment Policy - Including Sexual Harassment
Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data
Athletic Program Completion and Graduation Rates Data
CSC Code of Conduct
CSC Factbook
Computer/Network Use - File Sharing
Contact Information for Institution
Contact Information for Financial Aid
Copyright Infringement - Policies and Sanctions
Cost - Estimate Course and Room/Board Costs
Cost – Net Price Claculator – Cost and Grant Estamte based on awards to First-Time, Full-Time Freshman
Career Services
Course Schedules
Directory Information - Request to Withhold Directory Information
Disability Services and Facilities
Educational Program - Academic Programs
Employee Directory
Employee Alcohol & Drug-Free Workplace Policy (NSCS Policy 5006)
Employee Anti-harassment/Discrimination Policy (NSCS Policy 5007)
Employee Handbook
Faculty - Undergraduate - Catalog Listing pages 228 - 234
Faculty - Graduate - Catalog Listing pages 84 - 90
FERPA - CSC Information and Form
FERPA - Directory Information (NSCS Board Policy
Financial Aid - Assistance Available
Financial Aid - Student Grants, Loan, Scholarship, and Workstudy  Information
Financial Aid - Initial Entrance Loan Counseling
Financial Aid - Exit Counseling
GED Testing
Health & Safety - Alcohol & Drug Policy (NSCS Policy 5006)
Health & Safety - Alcohol & Drug Programming and Education
Health & Safety - Campus Security
Health & Safety - Campus Security Policies & Crime Statistics
Health & Safety - Campus Fire Policies & Fire Statistics
Health & Safety - Vaccination Policies
Instructional Facilities
State Authorization
Student Achievement & Outcomes
Student Activities - Clubs and Organizations
Student Activities - Intramural Athletics
Student Activities - Intercollegiate NCAA Athletics
Student Activities - Music
Student Activities - Visual & Performing Arts
Student Handbook
Textbook Information
Transfer - Articulation Agreements
Transfer -  Credit
Voter Registration
Withdrawal -  Assistance and Procedure
Withdrawal - Dates and Changing Registration Procedures
Withdrawal - Financial Aid Students
Withdrawal - Refund Policy and Requirements
Withdrawal - Return of Financial Aid Received