Administrative Affairs

Criterion Three:Student Learning and Effective Teaching


6.†† How has your unit contributed to effective learning environments, facilities and

††††† support services? (6-all units)


Business Office

The Business Office has developed a website link available to students, parents and prospective students for their viewing.Students are able to view their account information via MyCSC portal.Students and parents are also able to make credit card payments on-line through our TouchNet software.Tax information (1098T) is available with a username and password.


Business Services/Comptrollers Office

The Director of Business Services/Comptrollers office along with the Machines Room and the Inventory Clerk contribute to effective learning environment, facilities and support services in several ways.The Director of Business Services/Comptroller affects all of the services listed above through the budgeting process.If a need is identified it is normally the Director of Business Services/Comptrollerís duty to locate additional funds to allow for the funding to address an identified need.The Machines Room contributes to the learning environment and support services by providing office supplies, copier support and by processing expense reimbursements and purchase order for the entire campus.The Inventory Clerk contributes to the learning environment and support services by assuring that purchased equipment is accounted for and available for use when needed.


Computer Services

Computer Services provides critical support of networks and technology equipment and software used to facilitate effective learning environments and support services and to ensure the on-going functionality of and connectivity to facilities.Support includes planning, acquisition, installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.



The Conferencing Office contributes to an effective learning environment through our meetings, workshops, and conferences. We continue to work with the different department and student groups to provide professional growth and educational opportunities.


Human Resources

Recruit and retain qualified faculty and staff; provide training anddevelopment opportunities to faculty and staff so that they can maintain the most current skills in their areas of responsibility.


††††† Physical Facilities


††††† ††††††††††† Custodial

The Custodial unit maintains a standing goal of providing a clean and safe atmosphere: keeping floor clear of debris, mud, water, etc. to prevent slips and falls.Custodians strive to keep bathrooms and drinking fountains clean to prevent colds and flu.


††††† ††††††††††† HVAC, Boiler House, Plumbing

The HVAC unit maintains a standing goal of providing a comfortable atmosphere considering the challenges presented by the climate of our region.


††††† ††††††††††† Maintenance

The department repairs and enhances the physical environment:

        Heating and cooling needs are addressed by the 2 HVAC technicians.

        Plumbing problems addressed by the CSC plumber.

        Three Carpenters currently perform all locksmithing, glass repairs and single room remodeling.

        One painter performs all campus paint repair.

        Two Electricians address any lighting, power or remodel/upgrades

        One mechanic services College vehicles.

        Five Groundskeepers service the 168 acre campus.


Proposed projects are prioritized by need and available funding and budget requests are submitted to the Vice President as requested.


The Chadron State College Facilities Department contributes greatly to effective learning environments.  Use of the latest technology in all renovations and remodels is a major component.  From distance learning networks to mediated classrooms for on-campus learning, we incorporate all the latest learning.  When remodeling, focus groups identify space needs and physical requirements for their classrooms and offices.  These ideas are always incorporated and often expanded upon in renovation projects.


Print Shop

The Print Shop does work for all departments and schools on campus. This supports all functions of Chadron State College.



The Safety unit maintains a standing goal of providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere considering the challenges presented by the climate of our region and minimal budget. The safety department has contributed to a safe and healthy learning environment and facilities by providing safety trainings for employees and responding to all safety concerns on campus.  This department also works with the physical facilities department to improve on all aspects of safety on campus.



The security office provides facility security ensuring a safe environment for students and staff while safeguarding physical assets critical to the learning experience.All deficiencies are reported immediately to appropriate support services.