I.                  THE FACULTY SENATE


Senate Term


Chuck Cressy, Pres. (At Large) 04-06 Barb Limbach (B&E) 04-06

Tracy Nobiling, VP (SS&JS) 05-07 Laura Gaudet (CPSW) 05-07

Chuck Butterfield, Sec (AS) 05-07 Don King (ED) 05-07

Don Watt (HPER) 04-06 Kim Madsen (at large) 05-07

Patricia Blundell (At Large) 04-06 Monty Fickel (MS) 05-07

Robert McEwen (LL&CA) 04-06 Mike Leite (P&LS) 05-07

Sandy Schaefer (V&PA) 04-06 Joel Hyer (At Large) 04-06

Joel Schreuder (At Large) 05-07 Carola Winkle (At Large) 04-06


Barb Limbach, Ex-Officio from CSCEA

Amanda Nipp, Ex-Officio from Professional Staff

Dr. Park or Dr. Veath, Ex-Officio as President or Representative

Karissa Johnson, Ex-Officio as Student Senate President




A.    Academic Review


Chuck Butterfield (AS)* 05-07 (SR) Bob McEwen ((LL&CA) 05-07

Jim Wright (B&E) 05-07 Phil Cary (MS) 04-06

Laura Gaudet (CPSW) 04-06 Mathew Bateman (P&LS) 05-07

Clarke Gardener (ED) 04-06 Ron Miller (SS&JS) 04-06

Ottley Wright (HPER) 04-06 Richard Bird (V&PA) 05-07


*one-year replacement for Yvonne Moody


Lois Veath Non-voting member as V.P. of Academic & Student Affairs


Student representatives:

1. Kelani Bosch

2. Cory Wasserburger


B.     Budget


Norma Nealeigh (P&GS) 05-07 Tracy Nobiling (A&S) 05-07 (SR)

Thom Swanke (P&GS) 04-06 Catherine Lockwood (A&S) 04-06

Dale Grant, Ex-Officio member as Adm. Financial Officer





C.     Information Infrastructure


Allen Jackson (P&GS) 05-07 Jon Serra (A&S) 05-07

Wendy Waugh (P&GS) 05-07 Mary Donahue (A&S) 05-07

Mike Engel (P&GS) 04-06 Mathew Bateman (A&S) 04-06

Kevin Miller (P&GS) 04-06 Phillip Cary (A&S) 04-06


Student Representatives: Mike Leite (A&S) 05-06 (SR)
1. Michael Blount, Undergraduate

2. Kyle Bottorff, Graduate


Sally Zahn, Ex-Officio member from Library Staff

Elizabeth Ledbetter, Ex-Officio member from Media Center

Ann Burk, Ex-Officio member from Computer Center

Jereme Patterson, Ex-Officio member from Distance Learning Center


D.    Research Institute


Mary Jo Carnot (P&GS) 05-07 Ron Weedon (A&S) 05-07

Stacey Beebe (P&GS) 04-06 George Griffith (A&S) 04-06


Student Representatives: Carola Winkle (A&S) 05-06 (SR)

1. Amber Foreman, Undergraduate

2. Ann Greenia, Graduate


Lois Veath, Ex-Officio member as Senior Vice President

Bill Roweton, Ex-Officio Administrator


E.     Student Academic Review


Karen Enos (P&GS) 05-07 Zane Dickinson (A&S) 05-07

Susan Schaeffer (P&GS) 05-07 Avery Paulson (A&S) 05-07

Barb Limbach (P&GS) 04-06 (SR) Loren Zimmerman (A&S) 04-06

Georgia Younglove (P&GS) 04-06 Deane Tucker, (A&S) 04-06


Student Representatives:

1.     Karissa Johnson, President Student Senate

2.     Cory Wasserburger, Vice President Student Senate


Robert Stack, Ex-Officio as Dean of Students

Dale Williamson, Ex-Officio as Registrar


F.     Faculty Development


Chuck Cressy (P&GS) 04-06 Ann Krejci (A&S) 04-06

Don King (P&GS) 05-07 (SR) Michael Leite (A&S) 05-07





G.    Study Abroad

Donna Ritzen (P&GS) 05-07 Tracy Nobiling (A&S) 05-07 (SR)

Rick Koza (P&GS) 04-06 George Watson (A&S) 04-06


H.    Graduate Council


Chuck Butterfield (P&GS) 05-07 Joel Hyer (A&S) 05-07 (SR)

Scott Ritzen (P&GS) 05-07 Monte Fickel (A&S) 05-07

Ron Burke (P&GS) 04-06 Jon Serra (A&S) 04-06

Chuck Cressy (P&GS) 04-06 Mathew Bateman (A&S) 04-06


Jerry Neff, Faculty Member from Specialist Program


Student Representatives

1. Kylee McConville, Graduate Student from P&GS

2. Andrew Cassiday, Graduate Student from A&S

Margaret Crouse, Ex-Officio as Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies


I.       Promotion and Tenure


Georgia Younglove (AS) 04-07 George Griffith (LL&CA) 05-09

Jim Wright (B&E) 04-08 Charles Bare (MS) 03-07

Laura Gaudet (CPSW) 05-09 Ron Weeden (P&LS) 02-06

Clark Gardener (ED) 02-06 George Watson (SS&JS) 02-06

Don Watt (HPER) 02-06 (SR) Richard Bird (V&PA) 04-08