Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Eligibility & Ineligibility

Intramural Units and Teams


  • All participants must be currently enrolled students (or spouses), CSC employees (or spouses), or CSC Alumni.
  • Any student may participate in all scheduled events with a recognized campus organization, as long as they are an official member of that organization
  • A player may play only on one team in each sport
  • A player will be considered a member of that team, if they either enter an officially scheduled intramural league contest or place their name on the official roster
  • A player may participate in intramurals for a fraternity or sorority, as long as they are an "active" member of the organization or have paid their pledge fee.
  • Teams and team members' names should be entered on official intramural entry forms, prior to the entry deadline
  • Each team must have enough eligible team members listed on their form to provide sufficient players for the sport in question by the entry deadline
  • New players may be added at any time, provided they are eligible under intramural rules. Exception: New players can not be added for playoff games or post–season games
  • Players must play at least two regularly–scheduled games or matches, prior to any tournaments or postseason games
  • Transfer students who participated in athletics are eligible to compete in intramurals


  • Current varsity athletes: Individuals whose names appear on a team roster or eligibility list of an Intercollegiate athletic team at CSC, or any other four-year institution, including transfer students, may not participate in a similar Intramural sport during the academic year in which they are so listed.
  • Candidates for varsity and freshmen intercollegiate squads are not eligible for intramural participation in sports for which they are practicing, if the intramural season for that sport has started. For example, softball student-athletes are ineligible to compete in intramural softball.
  • Any freshman or varsity squad member who drops from the squad after the intramural season in the same sport has started, will not be eligible to participate in the same intramural sport for the current year.
  • Track varsity or freshman candidates are ineligible for intramural track competition if they have participated in any freshman or varsity matches or meets, exhibition or otherwise, during the current school year.
  • Intercollegiate athletes who have been redshirted, who have become academically ineligible, or have been barred because of unprofessional acts are not eligible to participate in a similar intramural sport during the academic year in which they are so listed.
  • Former intercollegiate athletes are not eligible to compete in a similar intramural sports event until one full academic year has passed following their last intercollegiate affiliation.

These rules apply to both men's and women's sports.

** Ineligibility infractions will result in a "loss" for that game, and the team will be ineligible for the post-season tournament.