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Chadron State College Alcohol & Drug Programming and Education

Chadron State College offers wide-ranging Alcohol and Drug Education programs and services. The Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with Health Services, focuses highly on preventive and proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. Below is a list of current programming and educational opportunities we offer on our campus.

Chadron State College distributes its student handbook electronically to all new students and to all residential students, both new and returning. The College provides it in hard-copy form during New Student Orientation at a presentation where the Code of Conduct is reviewed. Both the Student Handbook and Residence Life Handbook contain information about Alcohol and Drug policies. The Student Handbook is updated annually and is made available on the college website for returning students and employees. Full and part-time commuting students will receive an email with the Student Handbook attached and encouragement to review the rules, policies and procedures outlined in the handbook.

3rd Millennium Alcohol-Wise. Alcohol-Wise is a 1-hour online alcohol abuse prevention course designed specifically for use on college campuses for first-year students and other high-risk groups. Alcohol-Wise is typically used for incoming first-year students to reduce risk for freshmen and positively impact campus culture. The Residence Life Association has hosted several alcohol awareness programs and speakers.

Campus Safety Presentation – Covers safety on and off campus for students, consequences of drinking and substance abuse/use from the perspective of the campus and law enforcement, and Title IX.

Drunk Goggle Relay – An interactive game raising the awareness of the negative effects of alcohol while trying to do simple tasks. Impairment was related back to driving while consuming alcohol and safety while drinking.

Posters hanging in all the Residence Halls regarding acute alcohol intoxication and the Good Samaritan law.

Bulletin boards that have content related to alcohol safety/prevention.

RA/RD Training:

  • Mock Room situations featuring Acute Alcohol Intoxication
  • Drug training with Police Department
  • Effects of Alcohol Training

First Residence Hall Floor Meetings:

  • Drug and Alcohol policy

For alcohol education sessions with sanctioned students, the Health Services Department uses the following resources:

  • The College Alcohol Profile (CAP), “a web-based brief intervention program designed to reduce high-risk drinking and alcohol related problems among college students in Nebraska” (
  • To assess for risk of Substance Use Disorder, the SASSI-3 Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory
  • To educate students about using alcohol or other substances, workbooks from the MEE Journal System (Motivational, Educational, and Experiential) published by The Change Companies

From the Student Health Program

  • The Navy Seals is part of the Athlete project in cooperation with WCHR and PPHD. We do screening annually – offered to all athletes, and risk reduction efforts are individual and by mass speaker presentation….such as the Navy Seals.
  • Brief interventions at the CSC Clinic to assess risk (alcohol and tobacco) and suggest risk reduction.
  • College Short Stay in cooperation with Chadron Hospital – students that are assessed in Residence Life to need evaluation at the ER are transported by EMS and assessed by the on-call physician in the ER and admitted for the night under protocols.