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The Physical & Life Sciences Department has approximately $25,000 in Scholarships to award every year. Application forms are available here.

Scholarship applications for 2019 will be accepted ONLY between February 1 and March 2. Please note that the majority of scholarships available require a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon


Chadron State College's Gamma Pi chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the national honorary Geoscience fraternity, was founded in 1980. ΣΓΕ is an acronym for the Greek Συννομοι Γεν Ερευνοτες— "Companions Exploring the Earth," a fairly accurate description of what geoscientists do. The current Gamma Pi chapter became active in 2004. Today the organization actively supports Geoscience students in pursuing their career goals and in their academic and co-curricular activities.

CSC's Gamma Pi chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon was founded in 1980 by members of the Earth Science majors group. Their faculty advisor was Dr. Darryl Tharalson.

The Natural Sciences Club at Chadron State has evolved to include the Gamma Pi Chapter of the national honorary Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Our club seeks to provide opportunities for students interested in the physical sciences to interact with other students, as well as the campus and community. We support an interdisciplinary environment for personal and professional growth. Students meeting the national requirements may also be inducted into the national society. These students can publish research in the society journal, The Compass, and receive recognition at the chapter and national level.

SGE is a subgroup of CSC’s Natural Sciences Club. All students are welcome to become members of the Natural Sciences Club. Recently, club members had a picnic, went camping at Toadstool Geological Park, participated in CSC’s club fair, and organized the first annual “Natural Beauty” art contest, in collaboration with the CSC Art Guild.

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Other Opportunities

Field Work
Internships: Geoscience students can give a boost to their career by taking summer internships during their junior or senior years. CSC’s Geoscience professors may know of internship availability and will be able to help you identify and select the internship best for you.

Field Trips: Geoscience students frequently participate in field trips as classes and as extracurricular activities. Each September one or more Geoscience classes takes a three-day study trip across geologically interesting areas in Wyoming and Nebraska. These trips are open to other students as space allows. Also, two or more trips to professional conferences take place each year. Ask your Geoscience instructor for details.