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See Yourself as a Geoscientist

Choosing a career is an important and difficult process. There will be new skills to learn but you also want to be happy doing the day-to-day work. Visualizing yourself in the role of a geoscientist is a useful exercise. Start by asking a mentor—a teacher or college professor—about the career decisions he or she made. There are several good videos that will give you a glimpse of life as a geoscientist. Check these links:

You will discover that Geoscience is a very broad field and there are many specialty areas. You will have favorite classes in college, but should not feel pressured to pick a career specialty until you graduate. The links below will explain some of the different career paths available in Geoscience. Browsing job sites like or can give you ideas about current jobs and the areas where employers are hiring.

Careers in Paleontology

Paleontology demands more planning than other Geoscience specialties. A paleontologist is a paleobiologist, a person who studies life of the past. Preparation for a paleontology career should include at least a minor in biology. Courses might include zoology (both invertebrates and vertebrates), botany, comparative anatomy, human anatomy, animal and plant classification, ecology, and biology field courses. Some of these sites will be helpful in planning your paleontology career.


Links to information about internships in Geoscience

Geoscience Careers

The information here is intended to help students as they consider careers in the Geosciences

You might be starting this career decision early in your schooling. In fact, the earlier the better. Many students know if a career in science is something they want to do well before they get to college.

If you're already in college, it's not too late. You'll need to take lots of courses in not just the sciences but a broad range of liberal-arts disciplines to succeed in the Geosciences.

Your Student Career

Your Geoscience career begins with a career as a student. Professional development opportunities are plentiful, but you need to plan early and learn about opportunities for clubs, professional organizations, and internships. Talk to your advisor about your interests and plans for the future

The courses you take will depend on your interests and plans. Courses required for the major and listed in the catalog will allow you to graduate but might not be exactly what you need for certain career paths. Some graduate schools will require additional coursework that you would best take at CSC. This typical course schedule is a starting point. Talk this over with your advisor and decide on the courses and career development options that are best for you.

Resources at CSC

If you think you might want to choose Geoscience as a career talk to Dr. Mike Leite.

Chadron State College Admissions can answer your general questions about becoming a student at CSC.