Math Science Initiative

The Chadron State Foundation working with Chadron State College is raising $28.5 million to complete a comprehensive expansion and renovation of the Chadron State Math Science Building. The new math and science complex will satisfy the needs of students and professors in the 21st century. It will aid greatly in the retention and recruiting of students to the CSC campus in much needed fields and professions, including school teachers, physicians, nurses, medical technicians, chemists, biologists and land management experts for private business and public agencies.

Education and service to our region are the foundation of Chadron State. Serving rural communities has been the mission of the institution since its founding in 1911. For more than 50 years, the Math Science Building has contributed towards the well-being of students, families, the community and the region through healthcare and scientific innovation.

Please consider investing in the future of Chadron State College by contributing to help make this project a reality.