Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Pre-approved Upper Division Courses

B A 431 Professional Ethics
B A 432 Legal Aspects/Business Ownership
B A 336 Business/Economic Statistics
B A 337 Business Law
Business Information Systems
BIS 330 Information Systems
BIS 331 Database Management
BIS 332 Decision Support for Managers
BIS 337 E-Commerce
BIS 430 Project Management
BIS 431 Systems Analysis & Design
Career and Technical Education
CTE 431 Intro Special Needs CTE
CTE 434 Prin & Phil of CTE
CTE 438 Coordination Techniques/Work-Based Learning
CTE 452 Program Develop Implement & Assess
C A 351 Organizational Communication
C A 435 Advanced Topics in Communications
C A 435 Interpersonal Communications for Managers
C A 346 Intercultural Communication
Family Consumer Sciences
FCS 321A Curric Dev EC Ed
FCS 331 Resource Mgmt
FCS 417 Lifespan Wellness
FCS 421 Org/Adm/Cur of FCS
FCS 422 Professional Career Development
FCS 423 Program Development and Management
FCS 427 Worksite Wellness
FCS 429 Motor Movement
FCS 434 Issues Health & Human Services
FCS 435 Consumer Science
FCS 436 Global Food Systems
FCS 437 Family Strengths
FCS 447 Nutrition/Sport Wellness
FCS 448/448L Practicum in EC
Health, Physical Education and Recreation
HPER 335 Org/Admin HPER and Athletic
HPER 336 Fitness Eval. & Exercise Prescription
HPER 339 Theory of Physical Education K-8
HPER 421 Phil/Psych Foundations of Sport
HPER 428 Curriculum in Health Education
HPER 429 Basic Move Educ for Child
HPER 431 Community and Environmental Health
HPER 439 Biomechanics of Sports
HPER 439L Biomechanics of Sports Lab
HPER 453 Sports Officiating
MGMT 330 Organization Theory & Behavior
MGMT 430 Human Resource Management
MGMT 432 Production and Operations Management
MKTG 334 Entrepreneurship—Imagination/Opportunity
MKTG 335 Entrepreneurship—Business Start-Up
MKTG 435 Business & Marketing Strategy
PSYC 421 Culture & Psychology
PSYC 331 Social Psychology
PSYC 433 Abnormal Psychology