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Sigma Tau DeltaSigma Tau Delta
International English Honor Society
Sigma Beta Chapter
Chadron State College

The Sigma Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at Chadron State College has been active since 1929. Our local chapter includes both active members, who meet all of the requirements for national membership, and auditing members - those who do not yet meet the requirements to join the honorary, but who are interested in participating in the wide variety of social activities and events that Sigma Tau Delta stages each year.

In previous years, Sigma Tau Delta Members Organized and Participated in the Following Activities

  • February "Love Slam"
  • October "Scream Slam"
  • The Spring "Lit Wit Jeopardy" Contest
  • Outside the Lines Student Editorial Board
  • "Sandoz Country" Tour and Picnic
  • Volunteer Opportunities with the Annual Sandoz Conference
  • Word Game Night and Social Functions of Various Types
  • Fundraising, Fellowship and Fun!

(Or contact Professor Coughlin -- 432-6306 or

If you meet the following academic guidelines, you too may be eligible to become an ACTIVE member:

  1. Must be majoring or minoring (or the equivalent) in the discipline of English (non-majors/minors can also join as ASSOCIATE members)
  2. Must have a minimum of 2 college courses in English language or literature beyond the usual requirements in freshman English
  3. Must have a B or equivalent average in English courses AND in your overall college GPA
  4. Must have completed at least 3 semesters or 5 quarters of college course work
  5. Must be currently enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student

If you do not yet meet these requirements, or would like to participate in Sigma Tau Delta activities without formally joining, then you can participate as an AUDITING member.  However, only ACTIVE or ASSOCIATE members are eligible for Sigma Tau

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Mitchell Robertson "slams" love at the "Love Slam"

Sigma Tau Delta members costumed for a "Scream Slam"

Brianna Leesch recites at the "Love Slam"

Induction Ceremony for Sigma Tau Delta

Professor Dr. Deane Tucker horrifies the audience at a "Scream Slam"