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Check out the Education Department Study Abroad Program’s Pre-liminary Program Itinerary for their trip to London, Dublin, and Northern Ireland!




The Education Department Study Abroad Program of Chadron State College offers students of all majors an exciting educational opportunity to experience travel to Europe while earning college credit. Students will visit England, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland. This program features guided tours to public and private schools in London and Dublin; visits to government, literary, and historic sites, and numerous cultural opportunities while exploring London, Oxford, Dublin, and Belfast. The Education Department Study Abroad Program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Options:

EDUC 360 meets the requirements for Essential Studies SLO #10. This course is an excellent way for Education majors or ANY student to meet the ES #10 requirement. Students will gain a unique view of British and Irish life and culture through visiting a variety of schools, both public and private as well as cultural, historic, and social activities to expand one’s experiences in another country. In addition to the scheduled activities and school visits students will be able to pursue personal learning interests through free time activities, such as attending theater productions; visiting museums; and touring historical sites featuring authors, playwrights, and public figures. There is a nice blend of scheduled events and free time to pursue individual interests.

EDUC 460 features flexible credit hours for students who may already have completed ES #10 requirements or have a need for additional elective hours. The learning opportunities are similar to EDUC 360.

Graduate Option:

EDCI 536 will feature the same educational and cultural opportunities as the undergraduate courses, except the graduate student can expect to address the course assignments in a way that will apply to his/her unique course of study. Past graduate students have focused on particular areas in the curriculum that they want to broaden their understanding or deepen a personal interest. This course also features flexible credit hours in order to adapt to individual plans of study. Graduate students must have the course approved as part of their plan of study to qualify for financial aid.