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Teacher and Administrative Certification Information

Issuance of Nebraska teaching or administrative certificates is the legal responsibility of the Nebraska Department of Education. Universities and colleges do not issue professional certificates, but rather, they offer the course work (required by the State) for specific teaching or administrative programs--for which the college or university then provides the endorsement. The college transcript showing the completed (posted) endorsement, along with a completed application packet, may then lead to the issuance of a teaching or administrative certificate.

The Certification Process

In order for an individual to become certified at the professional level (teaching or administrative) they must complete a program of study in an endorsement area at a college or university which has been approved by the State Board of Education. When the program of study has been completed and the endorsement posted on an official college transcript, the student may then submit an on-line certification application to the Nebraska Department of Education.

Upon receipt of a request by the student for certification the Chadron State College Teacher Certification Officer will request the official transcripts from the Chadron State College Registrar's Office (free of charge), at which time the Chadron State College Certification Officer will verify on the application form that the endorsement program has been successfully completed, thus recommending to the State that an appropriate certificate be awarded to the student. Chadron State College will then send the Institutional Verification and official transcripts to the Nebraska Department of Education.

Certificate Renewal

If an individual is wishing to renew their professional certificate with 6 cr. hrs. course work, they should contact the Chadron State College Certification Officer, Ms. LaWayne Zeller, at 308-432-6032 for course work requirements. Course work for renewal of 6 cr. hrs. must follow the guidelines of the Nebraska Department of Education which states, “…have received 6 semester hours of credit in education-related coursework from a standard institution of higher education within 5 years prior to the date of application.” (Rule 21 005.04D).

Course work for renewal of 15 cr. hrs must follow the guidelines of the Nebraska Department of Education which states, “…have received 15 semester hours of credit for course work in an approved programs for the preparation of teachers, and such course work shall include a) a course in instructional techniques; b) a practicum consisting of one hundred or more clock hours of contact with students in the classroom setting, fifty percent of which shall consist of performing instructional duties; c) a course or courses which address current issues in education, including but not limited to, special education, gifted education, reading and writing in the content area, and school law; and d) the remaining course work be directly related to the applicant’s area of endorsement on the expired certificate.” (Rule 21 005.10C)

Appropriate course work can be courses in EDUC, EDCI, EDAD, READ, SPED or those courses listed under Professional Development for Educators under the heading, Special Programs listed on the CHADRON STATE COLLEGE website.

Once the renewal course work has been completed, an application for certificate renewal may be submitted on-line to the Nebraska Department of Education. Certification verification will be processed (as stated above) and sent to the Nebraska Department of Education, or the respective state desired for the issuance of an appropriate certificate. NOTE: For certificate renewal purposes, the State of Nebraska does not accept course credit hours which are older than 5 years at the time the renewal application is submitted.

Out-of-state Applicants

Individuals from other states wishing to obtain Nebraska professional certification will need to have successfully completed the Nebraska Human Relations and Special Education course requirements, the Nebraska approved basic skills test--the Pre-Professional Skills Test (Praxis I Exam), and submit two copies of their fingerprints for processing. In addition, individuals should contact the Nebraska Department of Education, Teacher Certification Unit at (402) 471-0739, or through their homepage at:, for specific requirements pertaining to their endorsement area(s).

Individuals seeking certification in another state should contact that specific state for requirements and certification areas (endorsement areas) available. Chadron State College will verify your endorsed program when you provide the Institutional Verification form to the Certification office. It can be faxed to (308) 432-6454 or mailed to Certification Office, Chadron State College, 1000 Main Street, Chadron, NE 69337.

Contact person: Ms. LaWayne Zeller at 308-432-6032 or 1-800-CHADRON Ext. 6032; E-mail

Adding an endorsement to an already valid Nebraska Teaching Certificate (or other state)

Individuals who hold a Bachelor of Science in Education or Master’s of Education and wishing to add an endorsement, either teaching or administrative, to their current valid teaching certificate can contact the Teacher Certification Officer for assistance either by phone at 308-432-6032 or email at . The individual should have any and all official transcripts from any other university or college other than CHADRON STATE COLLEGE sent to: Registrar; 1000 Main Street; Chadron, NE 69337.

After consultation, a program plan will be written and approved by the appropriate Department Teacher Educators or the Teacher Certification Officer. Individuals will be responsible for following the program plan. Upon completion of the coursework, the student will notify the Teacher Certification Officer. The process for adding an endorsement will be the same procedure as applying for certification. The Teacher Certification Officer will order the official, posted, transcript from the registrar (free of charge) and complete the verification. The individual will submit the application portion on-line to the Nebraska Department of Education.

Program areas for added endorsements include:

UNDERGRADUATE: For those who hold a Bachelor of Science in Education

Field Endorsement Programs Subject Endorsement Programs
**Art Biology
Business Marketing & Info. Tech. Educ. **Basic Business
**Family & Consumer Sciences Education Chemistry
Health & Physical Education Earth Science
**Language Arts English
**Mathematics Health
Music History
**Sciences Physical Education
**Social Sciences Physics
SPED: Mild/Moderate Disabilities Theater
**Areas of endorsement for Middle Grades (4-9)

Field Endorsement in Elementary Education (K-8)
Early Childhood Unified (Birth – grade 3)
Early Childhood (Birth – grade 3)

According to Title 92, Chapter 24: 004.02A
Applicants applying for additional subject or field endorsements have no additional student teaching requirements if the endorsement is for the same grade level as endorsement(s) already held on the certificate. If it is for a different level, the applicant must meet ½ of the 14 week student teaching requirement through student teaching or internship. **Subject to change according to NDE rule changes.

GRADUATE: For those who hold a Master’s of Education

  • Education Administration:
    • Focus-Principal (PK-8; 7-12; PK-12)
    • Focus-Curriculum Coordinator - SPED (P-12)
    • Focus-Curriculum Coordinator - Assessment (P-12)
  • School Counselor (K-6; 7-12; K-12)
  • SPED: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-12)

NON-MASTER GRADUATE level Reading Specialist (K-12)

Contact person for all certification questions: Ms. LaWayne Zeller at 308-432-6032 or 1-800-CHADRON Ext. 6032.