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Nathaniel Gallegos

Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information

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Office: Online


University of Utah, BS Economics
New Mexico State University, MS Agricultural Economics
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, JD
University of San Diego School of Law, LLM

Responsibilities at CSC

Nathaniel Vargas Gallegos, International Agricultural Pragmatics: An Inquiry of the Orthodox Economic Breakdowns and an Evaluation of Solutions with The Food Sovereignty Movement, 16.3 DRAKE AG. L.J. (2011)
Nathaniel Vargas Gallegos, The Solo Lawyer Proportion: Explanations with the ‘Push & Pull’ Factors Endemic in Legal Firm Organization, 35 J. LEG. PROF. (2012)
Nathaniel Vargas Gallegos, Inextricably Entwined: Tools Allowed to Facilitate Free Speech, 91.2 U. D. MERC. L. REV. (2013)
Nathaniel Gallegos, Jesse Sealey, The Coming Ubiquity of ADA Compliance to the Internet and its Extension to Online Education, 20 J. TECH. L. & POL'Y (2015)
Nathaniel Gallegos, An Agribusiness Application for the Series Limited Liability Company, 19.1 DRAKE AG. L.J. (2015)
Courses Taught
BA 337 Business Law
BA 432 Legal Aspects of Business Ownership
BA 331 Business Communications
BA 431 Professional Ethics
BA 623 Managerial Agribusiness
ECON 130 Survey of Economics
ECON 231 Macroeconomics
ECON 232 Macroeconomics
ECON 432 Agricultural Policy
FIN 333 International Finance & Economics
MGMT 639 Legal and Social Environment of Business
MGMT 620 High Performance Leadership

Professional Activities

2017 Teaching Excellence Award
HLC Peer Reviewer
Quality Matters Master Peer Reviewer
ACBSP Peer Reviewer

Campus Involvement

Study Abroad Committee Chair
Essential Studies Committee
Academic Appeals Committee
Business Academy Agribusiness Option Chair
Business Academy MBA Committee
Business Academy Accreditation Committee

Research/Professional Interests

Law and Economics
Rural Development
Natural Resource/Environmental Law

Hobbies /Personal Interests

Reading Weight-Lifting