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Nathaniel Doherty

Justice Studies, Social Sciences, & English - English
Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Phone: 308-432-6306
Office: Old Admin 204


B.A. - Vassar College
M. A. - University College Dublin
Ph.D. - Stony Brook University

Responsibilities at CSC

I have taught transitional writing and FYI classes on contemporary culture, zombies, and fantasy literature and film. I am currently responsible for maintaining and promoting the Frances Richards Media Lab. Most of my time lately has been spent working to develop our resources in VR and connecting this technology with students, faculty, and staff.

Professional Activities

I opened the Fall, 2018, Graves Lecture Series with a talk titled: "Equanimity Among the Ruins: the Doubtful Value of Humanity in Colson Whitehead’s Zone One"

Research/ Professional Interests

My research is focused on 20th and 21st-century U. S. speculative fiction and how these narratives construct the idea of the human and context our preexisting sense of that idea in terms of gender, race, and species.