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Employee Profile

Eric Rapp

Professional Studies - Education
Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Phone: 308-432-6336
Office: Old Admin 125

Education Background

Bachelor's degree from University of Minnesota in teaching and 20 years of teaching science in middle and high school classrooms, along with a PhD in Learning and Technology.

Responsibilities at CSC/ Past Work Experience

Teach education classes in the education department. I taught school in Minnesota and Nevada, where I was a department chair, a coach, an advisor, and mentor at various times in my career.

Professional Activities

I have written 3 interactive eBooks designed to teach science to middle and high school students in the areas of Critical Thinking and Weather and Climate.

Campus Involvement

1st year professor so I'm learning as I go.

Research/ Professional Interests

My research interests revolve around memory and how teachers can develop lessons and content to lower the cognitive demands on our working memory. I used some of the principles from the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning to write and produce interactive eBooks for science students.

Hobbies/ Interests

I enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors with my wife and our dog whenever I can can get outside.