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Employee Profile


Christopher McCarthy

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Phone: 308-432-6243
Office: Burkhiser Complex 136

Teaching Areas

International Economics
Monetary Economics
Managerial Economics
International Monetary Systems
International Finance
Business Finance
History of Economic Thought
Statistics of Economics
Mathematical Methods of Economics

Campus Involvement

Chadron Center Director for the Nebraska Center for Economic Education
Sponsor for the CSC Pitch Club (a recreational student organization wherein members play the card game 'pitch')
Co-Sponsor for CSC PBL (Phi Beta Lambda - Co-Ed Business Fraternity

Research Interests

US military presence overseas
dollar reserve standard
central banking operations
strategic asset allocation
dynamic optimization
stock-flow consistent modeling
ARDL panel regressions
secret geographies

Hobbies & Interests

Weight lifting
role-playing games (D&D, paranoia, Rogue Trader)
board games (Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Space Cadets)
one-on-one games (chess, The Duke, DiceMaster, cribbage, backgammon, rummy, pitch)
reading novels (Neal Stephenson is my newest favorite author)
comic books (Unwritten, The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Omega Men are a few current favorites)


Chris has been studying economics for the last decade, after his interest was piqued and held by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Chris earned his Bachelors of Science in Economics from the University of Florida in 2011, his Masters of Arts in Economics from Colorado State University in 2013, and is close to completing his doctoral dissertation. Chris was employed for a short time at the International Monetary Fund, designed to be "central bank of central banks", wherein he studied the reserve accumulation patterns of emerging and devloping countries.
Chris' research and teaching interestes are varied. To keep it short, let's say that he is interested in the history of economic thought and institutions, specifically the recurring nature of economic ideologies surrounding and regarding the concept of money. His dissertation is on the existing global dollar standard, with a unique take on the recycling of dollars throughout the globe; Chris maintains that the expansion of US military bases and personnel abroad is a key element to understanding the scope, repercussions, and evolution of the existing international monetary order.
Chris teaches our Micro and Macro-economics undergrad courses here at CSC, as well as the economics courses for the MBA program. Chris is the faculty sponsor of the "CSC Pitch Club", where students meet every Sunday night to play some friendly card games, and is a co-sponsor of the "CSC PBL", the professional business fraternity. You can often find Chris in his office (BURK 134) procrastinating with students by playing games with them, or in the 'pit' playing table tennis or pool.