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The Department of Counseling, Psychological Sciences and Social Work consists of two undergraduate programs and two graduate programs. Psychological Sciences and Social Work are undergraduate programs offering Bachelor's Degrees. These programs differ in their emphasis. Psychological Sciences focuses on the scientific study of the mind and  behavior and the application of this study.  Psychological Science embraces all aspects of the human experience: from the function of the brain to the action of nations, from child development to care of the aged. Social Work focuses more on the scientific study of individual and group behaviors in the social environment, and direct application to assisting people in improving their lives and in reaching their life goals.

The Counseling Program offers two separate graduate programs: one in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and one in School Counseling. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program prepares students to practice in the community as private practice therapists or counselors in agencies. prepares students to work professionally in various public and private counseling agencies. In Nebraska, as well as most states, persons must be licensed by the state to engage in counseling or therapy. A teaching degree is not required for admittance into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. Students will be expected to be on campus for some of the programming.

The School Counseling program prepares students for careers as school counselors in public and private elementary, middle school and secondary settings. With the exception of a few courses and practicum experiences this program may be accessed in an online format. The students will be expected to be on campus for some of the program.*

Please note this program requires that the student possess either a baccalaureate degree in education or have completed an alternative teaching certification program which included student teaching.For endorsement as school counselors in Nebraska applicants must possess a teaching certificate (or be eligible for one) and have two years teaching experience by the completion of the degree program.

For more specific information about the individual programs in this department, please visit that particular program.