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Student Life

Rachel Mitchell, November 2019

Student Life

After writing a blog on what my life is like on campus, I figured more views might be more helpful to perspective students. Instead of just my perspective, I asked a few other students on campus what their day-to-day life is like on campus. I asked a student-athlete, a first-generation student, and an international student.

Student Athlete

I asked a student-athlete on the men’s basketball team what his day is normally like during the preseason and during the regular season.

He said: “Preseason is usually when we have to wake up earlier for practice. Then we might have weights before lunch, but other than that, it leaves us the rest of the day to go to classes and get homework done. Being able to focus on academics at the start of the semester is one of our coach’s main goals. We also have study hall every week but that changes depending on the day. When our actual season starts, though, we get to sleep in a little bit, then go to classes, and do homework. Practice is later in the day, but that lets us rest our bodies more and be rested for classes and stuff.”

He also talked about how he has to manage his time while being a part of a sport on campus. He said: “Sometimes it can be hectic balancing school, homework, practice, and games but I get to do what I love. I get to play basketball and get an education at the same time.”

First-Generation Student

I also had the opportunity to speak with a first-generation student, who is also a student ambassador and an after-school program teacher.

She said: “My normal day-to-day schedule is always jammed packed. I wake up, do my normal morning routine head out the door by 9 to go to class.

Since she works from right after class until the evening, any free time she has in-between her work schedule she uses to do homework or relax. She ended what her schedule looks like with: “The short, empty time that I find in between is usually soaked up by homework, friends and the most amazing naps.”

Between work and classes, she does try to find time to relax and hang out with her friends. But even between all her hard work and busy days she said: “My absolute favorite days of the week are Tuesdays and Thursdays, though. These are the days I use to just relax and just dress up lazy for a little bit.”

International Student

I also got the chance to speak with one of CSC’s international students.

She said: “My typical day at CSC starts at 5 a.m. I start off by planning my agenda for the day and creating a to-do list for my day. I put in at least an hour of study time and homework before getting set for classes. I sometimes have work in-between classes, but my boss is very flexible with my schedule. I always carve time out to regroup which is my lunchtime. Most times, my friends pick a time convenient for us and we all have lunch and catch up with each other. As a very activity driven person, I try to get involved with a number of activities on campus. Taking part in all of these activities has helped me work on my time-management skills, which I feel is important for success. I don’t take any of these roles as just resume builders, I do them because I love CSC and it all adds up as part of my education as a well-grounded student here at CSC.”

Even though it seems like her schedule is just school and work she said: “I spend my weekends watching Netflix and going to athletic games. My CSC experience has been an amazing one because of the supportive faculty and staff and friendly community members.”