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Chadron State College

On-campus Living

Rachel Mitchell, November  2019

On-campus Living

One of the first things I looked up when I knew I was moving to Chadron State was on-campus housing. I knew I’d want to live on campus for the first year and I wanted to make sure I found a dorm that could be my home away from home. There are five residence halls to choose from and I’ll describe them later in the post.

Dorm Life

I personally enjoy living in the dorms. Since I started attending CSC it has easily been one of my best choices. Living on campus has many benefits such as always being close to everything that happens on campus. Forgot about the basketball game tonight? You’re within a five-minute walking distance from the gym. Is it super chilly and snowing outside? You don’t have to worry about starting your car early to heat up and scrape off snow. You just put on some shoes and go. Want to go print something out or check out a book? Three minutes and you’ll be in the library.

I’ve always enjoyed the convenience of living on campus. I am close to everything and am always a few minutes away from my room. Naps are easy to squeeze in, classes are quick to get to, I’m always close to the events happening, and I save a lot of time and energy. It takes me four minutes to get to my classes which means I really can get extra sleep every night being so close. Which is a major bonus.

Living in the dorms does have some negatives. Sometimes people are loud, or someone burns something in the kitchen, and you can smell it. Sometimes your neighbors are loud, or someone is running up and down halls for half an hour. But 90 percent of my experience has been positive. If you don’t like your suite/roommate, you can always request a change. There’s plenty of living style options for college students and each building has their own benefits and down sides.

Edna Work Hall/Wing

Edna Work Hall houses predominately upper-division students. There is a living room in the shared space between the bedrooms, and each bedroom includes a complete bathroom. This building also has a Wing connected to it. The Wing has mostly freshmen who want a quieter place to live. The Wing is a three-story hall, co-ed by each half of the floor. Each floor has a community bathroom and laundry room.

Kent Hall

One of three buildings in the main residence hall complex is Kent Hall. Kent is a three-story building made up of predominately freshmen. It is co-ed and divided by floor/wing. For this building, community bathroom and showers are located in the center of the hall on each floor.

High Rise

At the center of the main housing complex is High Rise. High Rise is an 11-story, co-ed, suite style building. Two rooms are connected through a bathroom so if you know someone else coming to Chadron State and want to be suite mates this might be a good option for you. At the center of each floor is a lounge area that includes cable TV.

Andrews Hall

The final building in the main residence complex is Andrews Hall, located on the east side of the complex. Andrews houses predominately upper-division students. This is a three-story building with suite-style, co-ed halls. The basement has a ping pong table, foosball table, a few cardio machines, and a lounge area with cable TV.

Eagle Ridge

The final housing complex is Eagle Ridge which houses predominately upper-division students. Eagle Ridge has a main level and a garden level, and is a co-ed, apartment style residence hall. The garden level has three apartments, and the upper level of Eagle Ridge features an additional three apartments, a balcony area, and a community living area. Each apartment in Eagle Ridge has four private bedrooms.