Chadron State College
Chadron State College

College Activities

Rachel Mitchell, October  2019

Chadron, Nebraska has never really been a big town. For the last 30 years, it has remained under 6,000 people. There is always a notion that there is nothing to do in small towns, however, the good thing about Chadron is that there is always something to do for students around Chadron. Whether you are on campus or off, summer or winter, there are always social activities to do.

On-campus Entertainment

Even if you don’t live on campus there is always something going on. There seems to be a big push to make sure there are always fun things for students to do. There are always opportunities to be able to socialize and simply have something to do. Some of the best things on campus to do are residence life events, attend sporting events or participate in intramurals, and club events.


RLA stands for Residence Life Association. This is the residence community that brings fun things to do every single week. They put on game nights, sports viewing parties, movie nights, DIY events, and much more. RLA focuses on having things for students to do and making sure they aren’t too bored. From events focused on food to art, there are a wide variety of things to do in between homework or on a night you don’t have anything going on.

Sporting events

Sporting events are a big part of campus. Once school kicks off so do the sports. There is volleyball, football, wrestling, men’s and women’s basketball, softball, rodeo, cross country, track and field, and golf. There are so many things going on during the school year it’s hard to be bored. All students get into the games for free. Even if you aren’t a sports person the environment is worth it alone. There is always a sizeable students section and snacks to be bought. It’s a good way to meet new people and cheer on your peers.

Club events

One of the amazing things about Chadron is that there are just under 50 clubs to join. No matter your interest there is going to be a social group you can find. Some of them are NOCS (Night Of Country Swing), Student Senate, Intramural Sports, Dance, and the International Club. These are just a few to show the range of clubs. Although some are more serious and school affiliated there are some that are laid back and just like to socialize. They also put on events for others to attend and learn and simply socialize. It’s almost hard to avoid going to social events on campus since there is always something going on.

Academic clubs

One of my favorite parts about all the different clubs is that you can find one that is more focused to the field you are studying in or have a passion for. For example, there is a Social Work Club, English Club, Education Club, and a Psychology Club. These are just some examples of clubs that do have a more academic focus that look good on a resume but are also very fun to be a part of. Even if you aren’t majoring in that discipline but have a passion for it, many of them have their doors open for students.

Chadron State College is a very well-rounded school when it comes to the social aspect of campus. I honestly think CSC goes above and beyond in this sense. I really believe there is something on campus to entertain everyone at no cost to the students. There are few days that are dull around here.