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Why I Fly-A Student’s Perspective on CSC by Olivia Bryant

Rachel Mithcell My name is Olivia Bryant, and I am currently a sophomore at Chadron State College majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and minors in History and Legal Studies. After graduating from CSC in 2023, I plan to continue my education at a graduate school along the east coast. Through my internship, I have been given the opportunity to write on behalf of the college to give you the inside scoop on the daily workings of the College Relations’ department. I have been a student worker in College Relations for three semesters. Through this blog, I hope to show current and prospective students the daily activities of CSC. By blogging unseen bits of CSC and what makes this college run, I believe I can help students gain a newfound appreciation for the things and people we often fail to fully appreciate. Once or twice a month, I will highlight a certain topic or project I am working on and one of the employees in College Relations. I hope my insider experiences can enlighten you in some way and show you a different side to Chadron State College.

A View Over CSC by Rachel Mitchell

Rachel MithcellMy name is Rachel Mitchell and I am currently a senior at Chadron State College. I am majoring in English Literature and minoring in Interdisciplinary Humanities. After graduating in the spring, I will continue my education in a graduate program and want to earn my PhD in English Literature with a background in Native American Studies.

I have been given the opportunity to write on behalf of the college to give a student perspective of what campus life is like. As someone who is involved on campus, I am happy to give first-hand insight about what it is like to be a Chadron State Eagle.

This blog should be able to help prospective students gain insights into what life is really like at CSC, including knowing the places on campus to eat, what activities are available, and some odds and ends. My goal for this blog is to give a little bit more detail about student life. I want prospective students to be able to have some questions answered that they might have or to understand things they didn’t know they needed to know. Ultimately, I want students to be as prepared as possible coming to campus and know they’re making the right choice. My experiences have been unique, but I’ve also learned from them. I hope the readers are able to learn from them, as well.