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Chemistry is central to the fields of biology, physics, materials, ecology, and environmental and health sciences. A degree in chemistry from Chadron State College can open doors to the best graduate and medical schools in the country as well as careers in education, law, research and development, sales, and a broad range of related careers.

Chemistry Mission Statement

The Physical Sciences program at Chadron State College prepares students for careers as problem solvers, investigating the physical properties and processes of the natural world. By observing, building hypotheses and communicating results, students are engaged in the methods and culture of science. As part of the global scientific community, they learn firsthand the contributions of science to the values of leadership, lifelong learning, and maintaining a sustainable society.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will have a strong knowledge base and the skills to be lifelong learners.
    Students will:
    • Have a strong foundational knowledge to be able to critically evaluate information.
    • Be able to recognize the limits of their knowledge and have the skills to seek and evaluate additional information.
    • Be able to apply logical reasoning and organizational skills to integrate new information into their functional knowledge base.
  2. Students will be prepared for their profession in the science discipline.
    Students will:
    • Understand the interrelatedness of science and society and exhibit the professional skills appropriate for their chosen career path.
    • Be able to communicate scientific knowledge to a diverse audience using appropriate technology and media tools.


The Physical and Life Sciences Department has approximately $25,000 in Scholarships to award every year. Application forms are available here.

Annually awarded scholarship applications will be accepted ONLY between February 1 and March 15. Please note that the majority of scholarships available require a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Refer to the current Chadron State College Scholarship Directory for any additional scholarships that may be available.