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Depending on your role, you could be the first one to identify that a student is in need of help and to provide them with resources that will benefit them during a challenging time. Many students come to the attention of faculty or staff through journal entries, blogs, papers, or a shift in behaviors. Being aware of distress signals, methods of intervention, and support resources will allow you to provide assistance for the student. If a concern for a student arises, we recommend that you:

  • Speak to the student privately, and in person, if possible
  • Contact the student by email or phone and schedule a time to meet with them, if you are unable to speak with them privately or in person
  • Based on your conversation, refer the student to the appropriate campus resources, such as:
    • School Deans or Department Chairs
    • CSC Housing and Residence Life
    • CSC Health Services
    • Disability Resources and Services
    • Academic Advisor, and/or
    • Campus Security

Key Questions Which May Help You Identify a Distressed Student:

  • Has the student's personality changed?
  • Is the student experiencing basic needs insecurity (food or housing)?
  • Has the student's behavior changed?
  • What kind of support network does the student have?
  • Is the student doing anything about his/her situation?

Please know that the CARE Team is here to help! When a student's needs are more than you feel prepared to assist with, a referral to the CARE Team is the next step. No concern is too small to be referred.


The CARE Team are available to present information to your group or department about our programs and services. You can help us address the concerns of your colleagues and/or students by providing us the opportunity to educate the community about this important resource. Contact Jennifer Mendyka at 308-432-6231 to discuss presentation options.