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A Biology major offers knowledge, skills, and opportunities to students in order to pursue their dreams. CSC also hosts an informational health career day, Health Professions Showcase, for anyone interested in learning how to become a health care provider.


Biology Mission Statement

The Chadron State College Biology program cultivates an understanding of scientific inquiry and its limitations, the differences and interconnectedness among various scales of focus, and the components and emergent properties inherent between different levels of living systems.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will exhibit a strong knowledge base and the skills to be lifelong learners.
    • Students will exhibit a strong foundational knowledge to be able to acquire new information and apply scientific reasoning to critically evaluate information.
    • Students will apply logical reasoning and organizational skills to integrate new information into their functional knowledge base.
    • Students will integrate information from different scales of view and demonstrate understanding of components and emergent properties among different levels of living systems.
  2. Students will be prepared for their profession in the science discipline.
    • Students will articulate the interrelatedness of science, technology, and society, and effectively communicate scientific knowledge to a diverse audience.
    • Students will embody the professional characteristics appropriate for their chosen career.
    • Students will effectively utilize scientific inquiry and reasoning to address issues within their profession.


The Natural Sciences Department has approximately $25,000 in Scholarships to award every year. Application forms are available here.

Annually awarded scholarship applications will be accepted ONLY between February 1 and March 15. Please note that the majority of scholarships available require a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Refer to the current Chadron State College Scholarship Directory for any additional scholarships that may be available.