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Advisory Board

The Laboratory is supported by an Advisory Board existing for the purpose of advising, recommending and supporting the best practices and high quality early childhood experiences for families with young children and future educators.

A. Advisory Board

1. Composition of the Advisory Board: The Board is composed of seven members including three parents, three community and/or college faculty persons, and the Director of the Center. One person must represent Head Start and one person must represent the infant care program at Grace Episcopal Church.

2. Length of term: The six members, other than the Director, are divided into two classes of three members each. One-half will be replaced each year. A Board member's term is two years. Members may be re-appointed to more than one term.

3. Manner of Appointment: New Board members will be appointed by the presiding Board members. A Board member may be appointed to two or more consecutive terms upon his/her request and an affirmative vote of the remaining Board members.

  • Individuals representing the parent population will be asked to volunteer their time and energy to serve as Parent Representatives to the Center's Advisory Board. Parent Representatives may serve any number of years and may be replaced or added to the board at any time. They serve as voting members, along with regular board members.
  • Responsibilities of the representatives involve fund raising activities and acting as a liaison between the parent population and staff of the Center.

4. Vacancies: Vacancies on the Board may be filled immediately by the Board. If any one Board member misses three consecutive meetings without just reason, a replacement will automatically be named.

5. Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary: The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary are elected from the members of the Board. The Chairperson serves in this office for one year and is eligible for reappointment.

6. Committees: The Board members will be appointed by the Chairperson to serve on the following committees as needed:

  • Financial and Legal
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Public Relations
  • Other: (as needed)

7. Executive Board consists of:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Committee members - 6 members plus the Director

8. The Executive Board reserves the right to call a closed meeting in order to conduct business in the “best” interest of the Center and enforce existing polices.

The Executive Board does not have the right to alter rates, hire or fire, or make final decisions regarding the general operations of the Centers without prior notification to the parent population and CSC supervisors as outlined in the organizational flow chart.

9. Meetings: The Board will meet in regular sessions once a month during the months of September through April, with the exception of December. Meetings may be called and held as needed, announcements will be posted, and Board members notified.

Parents and Center staff are invited to attend all Board meetings with the exception of an executive session which would constitute a special meeting other than regular board meetings held monthly. Executive sessions do not require prior advertising.