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Student Academic Issues and Concerns (SAIC)

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Course Substitution

As for course substitutions, the “request” to substitute is a five step process:

Step 1:
Prepare a written statement describing the rationale for the requested substitution. This must include an explanation of how the substituted course meets the Student Learning Outcomes and Performance Criteria for a General Studies course (or the Student Learning Outcomes/Objectives for the Program).

Step 2:
Complete the Substitution of Requirements form.

Step 3:
Submit the Substitution of Requirements form and written rationale to your advisor. Based upon these materials your advisor may or may not support the substitution. If your advisor supports the substitution, the advisor’s signature indicates support for the student’s rationale.

If you need additional assistance with completing the paperwork to meet with your advisor, you may contact the GA for Student Academic Concerns and Issues for help!

Step 4:
Your advisor will forward the substitution form and rationale to the appropriate department chair electronically. [In the case of a General Studies course, the materials need to be sent to the office of the School of Liberal Arts Dean; the request will be forwarded to the appropriate chair, who then will send it electronically to the GA. In case of Education courses (EDUC, EDCI, and EDAD), the materials need to be sent to the Dean of Licensure.] The department decision is not an arbitrary matter and is performed by professors who are experts in the subject content area. The course must meet the CSC learning outcomes of the required program (or area). Chadron State is accountable to external entities that evaluate CSC on such criteria. [This can cause confusion for students because one institution may accept a course but another may not – that is because the learning outcomes of the course or department are different. Chadron State is accountable for demonstrating that courses offered or substituted meet “CSC” outcomes.]

Step 5:
The request is forwarded to the office of the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Advancement. The Dean’s office responsibility is different. A number of facets are reviewed – again to meet the expectations and demands of external entities and/or abide by CSC policies. For instance if the substituted course is lower division (100 or 200) for an upper division (300 or 400 level) this is problematic and seldom feasible. [An upper division course entails more critical thinking and more depth and/or breadth within the course.]

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