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Student Academic Issues and Concerns (SAIC)

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Incomplete Grade

An incomplete indicates that some portion of the student’s work is unfinished due to a justifiable reason (e.g. military assignment; hospitalization). Not having a book or taking a vacation is not an acceptable justification. Students must also realize that failure to finish an incomplete course within the semester may impact financial eligibility. The student is encouraged to seek council from financial aid office prior to petitioning for an incomplete.

Step 1:
Students may “request” an incomplete. Students must fill out and submit the Incomplete Grade Petition form to the instructor.

The instructor may decline the request.

The instructor may approve the request if the following items are met:

  1. The approval would not contradict the course syllabus;
  2. The instructor has obtained the Dean’s approval prior to the last day of classes of the semester the course is taken.

If the instructor AND Dean have approved the request, the instructor indicates within the incomplete form the following:

  • List the reasons for the incomplete to demonstrate a justifiable reason
  • Provide a detailed list of the work to be completed
  • Denote the current grade
  • Indicate the date the work must be completed.

Step 2:
Submit the Incomplete Grade Petition form to the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Advancement for approval/signature. The Dean will forward the form to the Records Office.

Step 3:
According to the Student Handbook, “If the work is not completed within twelve (12) months, the instructor must submit a grade change to reflect a grade other than an ‘I’.”

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