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View the Art Department facilities and Memorial Hall
building and staff.

As you turn south up Main Street from Highway 20 and the heart of downtown Chadron, you’ll see C-Hill and know the Chadron State College campus is close.

Chadron Nebraska Main Street

On Main Street and getting close to campus.

The Chadron State College Art Department is located in Memorial Hall on the northwest edge and entrance to campus. It is one of the first buildings you see as you drive up Main Street and reach campus. It was finished in 1953 and renovated in the 1990s.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is on the northwest corner of campus and the corner of 10th and Main Street.

When you first walk through the doors of MHall, you’ll feel more than the bustle of college classes and students. This is the hub for the fine arts on campus, in the town of Chadron, and the region. In addition to art classes and visual art in the two galleries, there may be music rehearsals, concerts, recitals, or live theater happening here.

In the front office of MHall, you will find the friendly smile of Jessyca Hovendick, administrative assistant for the Art and Theatre Departments. She's happy to answer any questions.

Linda WinteerIn June of 2009, an icon of Memorial Hall retired but we will keep her on this page and always in our hearts. Here, the ever-smiling face of Linda Wineteer greeted visitors at the front desk for many years. She is now able to work full-time at her other job--Rockies fan and animal lover.  Read more about Linda's illustrious career. 

Jack Caswell

Jack Caswell takes a minute from his busy day of keeping up MHall as one of the most beautiful buildings on campus (if we don’t say so ourselves!)

The reason Memorial Hall has stayed beautiful is Jack Caswell (left), custodian and holiday decorator. Jack has retired as well but he created many great Christmas decoration memories in the lobby. Current custodians Leon and Heather keep Memorial Hall a showcase of campus.

Memorial Hall holiday decorations

The holidays in Memorial Hall are a festive time thanks to Jack Caswell.

The spacious lobby highlights pieces in the Art Department’s permanent collection. Some of the pieces include works by sculptor William Artis, painter Donald D. Ruleaux, ceramist Mel Clark, and prints by R.C. Gorman and Frank Nichols.

Couches provide a gathering space for students between classes. Or sometimes just a good nap.

Off the lobby to the south is Art Room 147 used for drawing, design fundamentals, sculpture, and art education classes.

Artwork in Room 147
Room 147 sees some serious art.

Next door is Art Room 148 where stained-glass class meets and creates.

Stained glass room Room 148
As does Room 148. Caution – Glass!

Out behind MHall is the glass-blowing studio with red-hot furnaces and students in sunglasses.

Glass-blowing studio

The fiery furnaces outside MHall in the glass-blowing studio.

Carrie Haskell turning the punty in the glory hole

Art student Carrie Haskell turning the punty in the glory hole.

A hallway to the west connects to the ceramics room where seven kick wheels and six electric wheels as well as two kilns await creative hands. Outdoor raku firing also turns clay to art.

Playing with mud and clay

Playing in the mud and clay is serious business.

Glaze test tiles

Glaze test tiles.

Abby Christian working on a clay slab

Art students Abby Christian works on a clay slab while Amber Snyder trims a bowl.

Memorial Hall Room 232 On the second floor of Memorial Hall in Room 232 is a mediated classroom equipped with an LCD projector connected to computer, dvd, and vcr and large viewing screen. Art appreciation classes and art history classes benefit from this visual technology.

Down the hall to the north on the second floor of Memorial Hall are several more art rooms.

The photography dark room allows students to experience the time-honored tradition of film photography and the magic of the development and darkroom process.

Photography students check proof sheets

Photography students check proof sheets.

Around the corner is a computer lab with iMac computers and Adobe Creative Suite software as well as photo-quality inkjet printers for digital photography classes.

The painting and printmaking studios are also located here on second floor. The windows with north light provide for consistent and true viewing of color.

Painting 1 critique with self-portraits

An end of the semester Painting I critique with self-portraits.

The printmaking studio and press equipment gives students the opportunity to work in block cut, monotype, collograph and serigraphy as well as intaglio and mixed medium printmaking.

Travis Hencey assists visiting artist Jaune Quick-to-See Smith in pulling prints off the press

Art student Travis Hencey assists visiting artist Jaune Quick-to-See Smith in pulling prints off the press during the Nebraska Art Teachers Association Fall Conference in October of 2007.

In the basement of MHall is the graphic design lab, Studio 008. This state-of-the-art design lab has 20 iMacs loaded with the latest Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium software. This includes the industry-standard programs Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Flash as well as the Microsoft Office suite of programs such as Word and Powerpoint.

Graphic design students at work on their Macs.

Graphic design students at work on their Macs.

The studio has a black and white HP laser printer as well as an HP color laser printer that prints 11 x 17. An HP color plotter for posters is also available. Several scanners are also in the lab as well as a LCD projector with viewing from both computer and dvd formats.

The art Studio

The lab also has a place for lecture and critiques with lots of room to post student design work.

If the Internet connection does not provide enough stimulus, Studio 008 also has a large library of design books and publications, including subscriptions to Communication Arts and Print magazines. And there’s a couch down here, too, for naps.

The design library and relaxation corner

The design library and relaxation corner.

Because we hope Memorial Hall is where our art and design students will live.

Come visit us in Memorial Hall. For a tour in-person, please call Mary Donahue, 308-432-6325 or email