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What every artist wants to be … an artist

Of course the main goal of an artist is, well, to be an artist. To do their own creative work. An art major with the option of art studio focuses on learning the craft of fine art whether it be drawing or printmaking or glass or any of the other mediums one can explore in the Art Department at Chadron State College. Then one must learn the art of expression and communication of their ideas through that medium. Your college career is only the beginning of this lifelong process of being an artist. There is nothing stopping you from creating your artwork but there can be many distractions out in the real world. Making a living or putting food on the table is not a distraction but a necessity. Just doing art, many times, doesn’t make one a living.

Unless you are CSC alumnus Scott Christensen, for instance.

Another CSC alumnus, Tim Flagg, has his own glass business. Take a look at   

But it can take many years and much hard work and, in the meantime, one has to eat. A starving artist cannot starve for too long. So finding a day job (or maybe a night job) which still lets you do your art is a good idea. A job that is art-related can be inspiring.

Here are some suggestions…

Arts councils also offer excellent resources for artists. Check the art council sites for calls for entry for art shows. As an artist, it is important to enter your work in shows and build your résumé. Many art shows now have online digital jury services which handle digital images for art show juries.These sites also give you information about how to prepare your digital images for sending to shows.


There are many other websites with helpful information and resources for artists.

Think about what other classes you might take in college or internships you can do while as a student that would give you experience towards a future art-related job.


One route many artists take is to go on to graduate school. Graduate school allows an artist a few more years of focus and exploration to find their artistic voice (which might also help you find a market for your art.) The other advantage graduate school may offer is the credentials and experience to teach art at the college level. This usually requires a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in your chosen art medium. This is the terminal degree or highest degree one can receive in art studio. Teaching allows you to be around art all day, to be inspired by your students and to have some extra time in the summer to do your artwork.

As a professional artist it is important to enter your work in shows and start building your résumé, as is the craftsmanship and constant improvement in your skill.

You can be an artist if that is your dream but it takes courage, hard work and long hours.

Printmaking Art major (with an art studio option) Travis Hencey assists internationally-renowned visiting artist Jaune Quick-to-See Smith in pulling prints off the press during the Nebraska Art Teachers Association Fall Conference in October of 2007.

The Chadron State College Art Department offers an extensive gallery exhibit schedule of professional artists from around the country as well as visiting artists who share their experience personally with students. Art students also gain experience by designing and hanging their own art shows.

The Art Department at Chadron State College is here to inspire and help you become what you want to be … an artist!

Take a tour through a gallery of CSC student work in art studio.