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Microsoft Home Use Program

Home Use of Office (HUP) through the CSC Microsoft Campus Agreement
(Replaces the MSCA Work-At-Home Program)

The College continues to maintain a Campus Agreement with Microsoft Corporation, a volume licensing agreement that permits distribution of certain software to college-owned computers. A provision of the Campus Agreement allows employees of the College, including full- and part-time faculty and staff, adjunct faculty, and graduate assistants, as included in the 364 employee count for the MSCA renewal, to install software on personally-owned computers through the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP). The information provided on this page is intended to help employees of the College understand the HUP. Note that student employees and any other individuals paid via bi-weekly payroll or via special contracts are excluded from eligibility.

If you are currently a faculty or staff member employed by Chadron State College and you are interested in use of Microsoft Office at home, you should read this entire web page.

Can I use Microsoft Office on my home computer?

Yes, it is possible to install one copy of Microsoft Office licensed through the Home Use Program on your own desktop or laptop computer. However, the following conditions must be met to qualify for HUP.

* You must be a member of the college faculty or staff. (Some workers such as the Dining Services cafeteria and kitchen staff, retired faculty and staff, and visiting faculty are not eligible for software through the HUP.)

* You can order only one Office license through the HUP.  

* You must remove immediately the HUP software if the college's agreement with Microsoft is terminated or your employment at the College ends.

I have both a Macintosh and a PC in my office and at home. Can I install Office on both of my home computers?

No. Eligible faculty and staff are permitted only one order per product.

Can I get more than one copy or install the application on multiple computers?

Although you cannot purchase more than one license, it does allow for up to 2 installations on (1) computer and (1) "portable device" (ie. laptop).

Can I purchase a copy for relatives or friends?

No. The HUP entitles each qualified employee to a single license of a qualifying Microsoft software program, to be installed on the employee's home computer.  Employees may not make additional copies of the software.

Do I have to pay again if my computer crashes or is reformatted, or will I be able to reinstall the originally purchased software?

You can reinstall originally purchased software if your computer crashes or is reformatted.  Microsoft recommends you back-up the download if you have not purchased the back-up DVD. 

If I install Office through the HUP license, how long can I keep the software?

How long the software is available for your use depends upon two sets of circumstances. First, the Home Use Program license is valid only as long as the College maintains its Microsoft Campus Agreement with the software assurance provisions. The college's participation in that program will be reviewed annually in July. Should the College withdraw from the program, your license to use the software would end.

The other set of circumstances is whether or not you continue to meet the program requirements. If your situation changes in some way and you no longer meet the requirements, for example, your employment at the College ends, your right to use software through the program would end.

In either circumstance -- the College discontinues participation in the program or you no longer meet program requirements -- you would be required to immediately remove the software licensed through the Home Use Program from your home computer.

If I am presently using work-at-home software, must I change to the Home Use Program?

If you are presently enrolled and are using work-at-home software licensed through the previous program, and if you are still satisfied with that software, there is no need to move to the Home Use Program. However, when you move to a newer version of Office through the HUP, or if your eligibility to participate in the program changes, you will then need to uninstall the work-at-home software. The provisions of the work-at-home program that applied when you signed-up continue to apply.

Is there a cost to license Microsoft Office through the HUP?

You must purchase Office for $9.95 plus tax. Payment via credit card is the only option presently available through HUP.

How do I sign-up for the Home Use Program?

Please enter your email address in the form below, and you will receive an email with instructions and a program code.



Enter the code to continue


What information will I need to provide when I sign-up for home use?

To start the order process you will be directed to the Microsoft Home Use Program web site. You will need a valid Chadron State College email address and the college's program code. The program code will be provided email you receive from the form above.  After you enter the initial authorization information, a secure link will be emailed to your college email account. You can follow the link to continue the order process.

To complete the order you will need to supply your billing and shipping addresses, your phone number, your college email address, and your credit card information. The software DVD will be sent to the shipping address you specify or you may download the software from the purchase site and proceed with the installation.

Additional information about the HUP can be found at

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