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NeSIS Federation

NeSIS Federation

CSC’s NeSIS Team has been working on a project called NeSIS Federation for the past several months. This work will result in changes to the way our campus logs in to MyCSC, with the new login process set to take effect on February 18, 2019.

Why Federation?

  • Federated authentication has many benefits, from security to user experience.
  • Federation allows users to use the set of credentials most familiar with them. Campuses have their own set of credentials to access other services on campus (i.e. campus computers, Office365/email, CSC Online/Sakai). With federation, users will be able to use local campus credentials to authenticate into the system.
  • Two factor authentication (2FA/Duo) processes will align with other applications (SAP/Firefly). For example, users currently required to use 2FA/Duo for SAP/Firefly will now be required to use 2FA/Duo for MyCSC as well. The user experience will be similar and the rules to prompt for 2FA/Duo will be consistent.

New Login for MyCSC

  • The following single sign-on enhancement will go into effect on 2/18/2019.
  • Employees and Students will be able to log in to MyCSC with their campus username and password.
  • Information Security is a priority for our institution. Single sign-on helps minimize risk aligning with the Information Security Policy.

The New Login Process

Navigate to MyCSC: -> Resources -> MyCSC.  There will be two options to log in: NUID/TrueYou credentials and campus username and password. In order to see the CSC login option, please click “Show Campuses.”

Login Options for MyCSC

Option 1) Login with NUID – Click on TrueYou to log in with your NUID and current password.

Option 2) Login with Campus Username and Password – Click on Chadron State College under Show Campuses, and the CSC log in page will appear. Log in with your campus username and password. (These credentials are also used to log in to CSC email, CSC Online/Sakai, campus computers, etc.)

Login Options for MyCSC


This single sign-on enhancement applies to all employees and students.  Any current browser bookmarks or favorites to MyCSC will need to be deleted.

Please contact the IT Help Desk with any issues or questions you may have before or after these changes go live on February 18, 2019.