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Are You Paying for College When You Could Get Paid for College?

The cost to attend Chadron State college for the 2011-2012 year is somewhere between $13,834-$17,710 depending on resident status(estimate based on a 30 hour undergraduate load, basic double room, and 14 meal plan.) That puts a four year stay at CSC in excess of $55,300-$70,800 dollars. This type of debt can take years to pay off and there is no guarantee for good job after graduation.

Group of ROTC MembersBut how would you like to get paid to go to school for free? It is possible or better yet, how would you like to get paid to go to school with the promise of a well-paying career after graduation? All of this is possible with the CSC Army ROTC Program and the Nebraska Army National Guard. Come learn how to be a leader in the U.S. Army and serve your local community while getting paid to go to school. Both undergraduates and graduates are welcome to apply.

The Nebraska Army National Guard offers Tuition Assistance immediately after enlistment. You would have access to $4,500 in Federal TA and $3,375 in State TA per year to cover the cost of tuition. This $7,875 in tuition assistance would more than cover 15 credit hours per semester for both resident and non-resident students. You would earn between $198-$259 dollars a month, depending on qualifications, for working one weekend a month (Drill Pay). After successfully completing Basic Combat Training (a.k.a. "Basic") and Advanced Individual Training (Job specific training) you will also receive the Montgomery G.I. Bill. The G.I. Billcan provide $345 a month for full-time students. Everyone would agree that college would be a lot easier if there was little to no tuition costs and $543-$604 a month to help pay for room and board.

The college benefits of joining the Nebraska Army National Guard really increase when combined with the CSC Army ROTC program. By working one weekend a month and participating in the CSC Army ROTC Program, Simultanious Membership Program (SMP) participants earn in excess of $1,150 a month with little to no tuition cost while attending CSC. Not only do SMP Cadets receive all these benefits, they receive some of the finest leadership training offered while learning how to become a U.S. Army Officer.

SoldiersSMP Cadets are provided the option of going into Active Duty or returning to the National Guard at the completion of their college degree. As a new Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army they will make over $53,000 a year on Active Duty. Second Lieutenants in the Nebraska Army National Guard make an excess of $5,900 for working one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Not to mention that a large portion of this pay is non-taxable.

Those that wish to remain in the Army National Guard after graduation also have the opportunities to compete for additional scholarships to include a three year room and board (on or off campus) scholarships up to $10,000 per year for three years and $1,200 book allowance per year.

But there are benefits far beyond financial gain for joining the Nebraska Army National Guard. Be part of over 370 year tradition of being an American Citizen Soldier. You can serve and make a difference in your local community during natural disasters, provide humanitarian support and fight to defend America. Become a member of the less that 1% of the American population that has chosen to serve in the U.S. Military. Become a leader and change the world for the better. Let your adventure begin at CSC and see what heights you can achieve.

For more information on the CSC Army ROTC Program and the Nebraska Army National Guard, please contact:

Nebraska Army National Guard
SFC Carl Dehling
Cell (308) 760-2224
Office (402) 309-8503

Crites Hall Room 007
Chadron, Nebraska, 69337
(308) 432-6030
(402) 968-4506

Federal Tuition Assistance up to $4,500 per year
State Tuition Assistance up to $3,375 per year
Montgomery G.I. Bill* $345 per month
GI Bill "Kicker"* $350 per month
Drill Pay (E-5) $283+ per month
Annual Training (2 week period each year) $1061+
ROTC Stipend $350 Sophomores, $450 Juniors, $500 Seniors
At least $1,150 per month* with Little to NO tuition costs!
*Cadet has completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

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