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Geoscience Careers

See Yourself as a Geoscientist

There are many decisions to make when you choose a career. Most important is whether you would be happy doing the day-to-day work. Visualizing yourself in the roles of a geoscientist is a necessary first step, but how? Start by talking with a teacher or college professor. There are several good videos that can give you a view of geoscience in everyday life. Here are some links:

You will quickly discover that the different specialty areas under Geoscience look quite different from each other. The field is very diverse and at some point you will need to decide on a specialty. These links will help explain the different career paths available to you as you think about a geoscience career. Browsing the job sites like or can also give you an idea of the types of jobs now open, and the areas where employment is strongest.

Jesse and Adam

Careers in Paleontology Paleontology demands more planning than other geoscience specialties. A paleontologist is a paleobiologist, a person who studies life of the past. Preparation for a paleontology career should include at least a minor in biology. Courses might include zoology (both invertebrates and vertebrates), botany, comparative anatomy, human anatomy, animal and plant classification, ecology, and biology field courses. Some of these sites will be helpful in planning your paleontology career.


Links to information about internships in geoscience

Typical Four-Year Course Plan

The template below will give you an indication of the courses you will take.

The courses listed in the template include everything you would need to graduate with a comprehensive major in geoscience in four years, plus one summer course (field camp). Your plan of study will probably be different depending on your interests and career path. You should talk to your advisor every semester and plan at least a year into the future.

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