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Welcome to the 2019 Scholastic Contest at Chadron State College

Randy RhineThe 2019 Scholastic Contest continues a proud and honored tradition at Chadron State College. The Scholastic Contest will recognize the academic achievement and talents of high school students from throughout Nebraska and the surrounding states. A student’s selection to participate in the contest is an indication of his or her academic talent, achievement, and dedication. We sincerely appreciate the efforts on the part of the school districts, administrators, and teachers who have selected, encouraged, and supported student participation in the Chadron State College Scholastic Contest.

Scholastic Contest participants come from Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. There are 43 different competitions, each designed to allow students to demonstrate their academic skill in a particular discipline. Participation in the Scholastic Contest yields two additional and important benefits. First, while engaged in the Scholastic Contest, students will have first-hand exposure to the environment and academic processes of a college campus. Second, they will have the opportunity to compete for a financial award equivalent to one full year of resident tuition at Chadron State College. This award is given to seniors who are first-place winners in each competition.

Congratulations on the fine academic effort, talent, and dedication of all the students involved. Your achievement is a distinction in which all of us take much pride. I hope your visit to the Chadron State College campus is productive and enjoyable. Best wishes for a successful Scholastic Contest competition.

Randy Rhine