Records Office

General Information

Note: Students are not allowed to drop courses on MyCSC after the first week of school. When a course is dropped, a grade of W will be entered for the course(s).


A student wishing to enroll for more than 18 semester hours, who does not meet the GPA criteria listed below, must petition for an overload. Overload petitions may be obtained in the START Office, Crites 115. The dean of Curriculum & Academic Advancement signature will be required.

GPA Requirements for Overload:
  19 hours - 2.75
  20 hours - 3.00
  21 hours - 3.25

Independent Studies

The appropriate faculty member, chairperson, and dean of Curriculum & Academic Advancement signatures are required for registration in independent study courses. The form describing the course and expected course requirements must accompany the registration. All independent study courses will be given a course title on the transcript. Forms for independent study courses are available in the START Office, Crites 115.

Special Courses & Requirements

Requires permission from the Career and Academic Planning Services, Crites 108. Please request paperwork through that office.
Block and student teaching
Requires clearance through the Field Experiences Office, Old Admin. 114.
Courses involving trips
Requires the instructor’s signature.
Undergraduates taking graduate–level courses
Requires petitioning through the Graduate Office, Miller 231.
To be added to a course that is closed
Requires the dean of Curriculum & Academic Advancement signature.
To petition to take a course two levels or more above student status
Requires the signatures of the dean of Curriculum & Academic Advancement.

Student ID

One ID card is issued to each student upon registration for classes. Photos are taken in Room 110 Crites Hall. The card is to be used for the student's entire college career. In case of a lost, damaged or stolen card, a duplicate is issued for $5.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are available in the Business Office, Crites 114. All students must have a valid CSC permit to park on campus.

Room Contracts and Meal Plans

Contact the Housing Office, Crites 102, for any changes in room contracts or meal plans.

Payment and Refunds

See the Business Office

Meal Plan

Meal plan reductions are allowed through the first two weeks ONLY. Meal plans may be increased at any time. Students moving off campus or withdrawing from classes will have their meal plan prorated. Bonus bucks are non-refundable. Additional Bonus Bucks may be purchased in the CSC Business Office in $25 increments.