Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Final Grade Input and Record of Failure

  1. Access your Faculty Dashboard within MyCSC/Peoplesoft.
  2. Go to the Teaching tab and click Grade Rosters in the dropdown.
    grade picture 1
  3. In the column entitled Final Grades you will see the phrase 'Grade Input Allowed' when grading has been opened. Click on that phrase to open the Grade Roster.
    grade picture 2
  4. Make sure that the Grade Roster Type shows as Final Grade.
    grade picture 3
  5. Select the letter grade in the drop down next to each student's name.
    grade picture 4
    • If you are assigning a letter grade of 'F' a drop down box will appear in an Attendance Status column.
      grade picture 5
    • In the drop down there will be three attendance options. Attended, Never Attended, and Stopped Attending.
      grade picture 6
    • If a student has, in fact, earned a failing grade, select Attended. This is all that is needed.
      grade picture 7
    • If a student never participated in the course, select Never Attended. This is all that is needed.
      grade picture 8
    • If a student stopped participating in the course at any point (did not take the final exam), select Stopped Attending. A Last Day of Attendance column will then appear. Using the calendar function, select the student's last date of participation in the course.
      grade picture 9
  6. When you are done inputting all of the grades for the course, make sure that you change the Approval Status to Ready for Review or Approved. (It does not matter which.) Then click Save (This is very important!).
    grade picture 10